Hot New Meal Trend: CedarLane Cauliflower Pilaf Review

My family loves veggies. Yes, you heard that right! Part of the reason is because we have been having them eat yummy foods from our garden since they were born. The other is because we use a variety of spices and new recipes trends to keep things interesting. We don't serve soggy, bland veggies here!

We were recently offered the chance to try CedarLane Cauliflower Pilaf. I admit that I had never had this food before, but with lots of veggies and my favorite star of the recipe -- cauliflower -- I figured we could not go wrong!

The big, 2lb package serves up to 9 people, and was perfect for my hungry family of 8. With easy microwave instructions, it was on the table in minutes, and we were able to serve it as a side dish with no fuss.

What did we think? If your kids don't like veggies, this may be a difficult sell. It's obviously a bunch of very high-quality, intact veggies, with lots of bright color and is very lightly seasoned. I would recommend adding salt or pepper before serving. It is a very dense veggie mix, a great alternative to rice, and something that we found very filling. The flavor profile was a subtle Asian one, with hints of sesame and tamari soy sauce. I wouldn't hesitate to add a little more soy or even some garlic oil to make the veggies flavors stand out more. And, in the case of my very picky toddler who hates any Asian flavors, we ended up adding ketchup!

You can find this at select retailers nationwide. With so many people focusing on cutting out empty carbs, this would make a great choice to add to mealtimes.

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