Review of prAna Sustainable Clothing

I'm traveling a lot this year, and I love to be comfy when I sit for long hours in airports and on planes. But I also want to look cute. Combining the two hasn't always come easily in the past, but I was happy to get the chance to review two complimentary clothing pieces from apparel company prAna this week. While it is still frigid temps outside, I happily tried on the t-shirt and skirt in anticipation for warmer days out and about!

First, I was so happy with the cute little skirt. This is so comfy, and the detail is amazing. I'm a big fan of the charcoal shade (called "coal" by the prAna folks), and the buttons, stitching, and fiber feel was so adorable and well-done. This Lizbeth skirt, made from soft hemp and recycled poly, is relatively wrinkle free. If you do crumple it up on a ball and toss it on the floor -- as some people do -- you can pop it in the dryer for a couple of minutes on low and it's back in shape! (And this fits true to size. A 6, in my situation.)

Well, constructed, it's a very breezy material. You can see from the photo below, that the wind outside was vicious, so nothing was laying on my body very loose. However, this just proved that the soft fabric gave me lots of room to move about. (And, if you've ever experienced those spring gusts of wind that pop up out of nowhere, you know that it's important your skirt doesn't blow up. This stayed put -- I was so happy!)

Having a fabric so soft is important to me. I like things that aren't stiff and that show up curves in a modest way. The length of this skirt is going to vary, depending on how long your legs are. I'm 5 foot 2, and it was just long enough without being too revealing. I might wear these with leggings on an especially cold day.

The t-shirt was another very impressive piece. It is soft.. like, baby soft. It clung a bit, and as a mom who has found herself to be heavier on top over the years, it definitely accentuated my shape. Feel free to order a size up on this if you are in any hoping to downplay your figure or want to layer this with something underneath. This is versatile, so you can wear it with jeans, a skirt, or with yoga pants at the gym!

Again, this is a classic example of good craftsmanship in clothing. I'm excited to put both of these items to work this year. Knowing they will travel well and have a sustainable background gives me such a good feeling. I see these as investment pieces that I can expand on as part of a capsule wardrobe or just for freshening up some older pieces with more durable, comfortable counterparts.

Learn about the importance of using organic cotton (which is 85% of the cotton used by prAna) in this neat video!

You can see the whole line of prAna's clothing, which makes recycled materials and sustainable practices in clothing available to EVERYONE, at their website. I think I may pick up a few more cute pieces before the weather warms up for myself!

Wanna Save? Get 15% off your entire prAna order, when you use code: PMOMLLP (Offer good through April 14th, 2017.)

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  1. Yes, as soon as the snow and ice melts and the warmth of the spring and summer heat hits I will be ready for the shorts and short sleeves!

  2. Yes, as soon as the snow and ice melts and the warmth of the spring and summer heat hits I will be ready for the shorts and short sleeves!


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