5 Spring Coloring and Activity Titles You Have to See

My kids blow through activity books. They are happy to sit on the couch for hours, scribbling in notebooks, doing dot-to-dots, or making dry-erase marker sketches. Because they go through them so quickly, I like to keep a big activity stack on hand for dull afternoons or car rides.

This month, Parragon sent us a brand new batch of titles that my boys enthusiastically devoured. There was a good mix of classic activities and some Disney titles, too! Let's take a look:

Marcus (age 6) and Manny (age 3) are my activity book fans. They love anything that allows them to solve a puzzle! These three titles from the Start Little series were eagerly met with lots of busywork! I really like book like these in our homeschool area for any time they say "I'm bored!"

1. Twisty Mazes for Little Hands - This is another title that comes with its own dry erase marker. It's a smaller, thinner marker, perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. The inside pages wipe off, and the marker is non-staining. This is a good investment, because you can use it over and over again, even using a regular dry-erase marker when the one it comes with runs out. ($5.99 at Amazon.)

2. One, Two, Three Sticker and Draw - Kids love stickers. Mine are no exception. What's better than coloring a variety of fun puzzles, mazes, and coloring sheets any way you want, then covering all the pages with stickers? Not much! ($5.99 at Amazon.)

3. Doodle and Draw Everything - Some kids just need a nudge to let their imagination take flight. That's why Marcus favors books like this one, where part of the picture is done for you! Prompts such as "Doodle 2 rabbits in each warren" give kids starting points to help them develop ideas before putting them to paper. This extra thick book has 150 opportunities to create! ($12.99 at Amazon.)

Finally, we enjoyed some fun movie magic products from Disney!

1. Beauty and the Beast Activity Tin - The activity tins that Parragon makes are so awesome. Not only do they include everything you need to create all placed inside a sturdy, portable tin, the tins are perfect collector's items or storage containers long after the supplies are used up. This Beauty and the Beast tin is a great gift for any fan of the movie. It includes a small coloring book, markers, poster, and stickers! ($10.99 at Amazon.)

2. The Lion King Book - A really cool lenticular cover adorns this sturdy title. It's a great version of the classic movie I remember growing up! ($6.99 at Amazon)

I received these books to review for free, but opinions are our own. Find out more info on the quality line of children's products at the Parragon website!

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