Big Worlds of Fun Changes for 2017 You Need to Know About!

Where does the time go! It seems like we were just experiencing the fun of the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Fest at Worlds of Fun in 2016, when I realized that opening day for 2017 was here! We were invited down* to see all of the new things that were launched this new season, and while Sam had to stay home due to a sore neck, I made the 4-hour drive down from Tekamah to Kansas City with the 6 kids for opening day at Worlds of Fun!

Now, I knew that the forecast was going to be hit-and-miss. It was either going to be beautiful, or thunderstorms. I was prepared, however. Nothing was going to stop us!

2017 Changes at Worlds of Fun

I was so happy to see some of the very few pain points I have experienced at Worlds of Fun were being resolved with new updates this year. Let me tell you about them.

1) Streamlined security. 

If you have ever gone on a busy day, you know that waiting in line for them to go through your bags and be waved down by the metal detectors wands can be tiring. With a big family, it usually took quite a few minutes to get through.

This new entrance was so speedy! We took the kids out of the stroller and had them walk through the metal detectors. Our key and change were put in little trays (like at the airport) and everything else went through. It was a super efficient way to get through the lines, and I still felt very safe inside the park.

2) New entrance!

Speaking of changes, you won't believe how updated and modern the front gates looks now! While I am a bit nostalgic for things I grew up with, I will not miss the 70's villa-style buildings for guest services and ticket sales. The new building is so smooth-looking, and has information screens with daily activities, specials, and hours of operation. Getting through the ticket line was quick!

Oh, and the best part was the upgraded balloon! I sadly didn't get a good picture of this, but my friend Nicole from Mom Saves Money did, which she kindly shared on Twitter!

3) New Rides.

It was sunny for the first 20 minutes we were at the park -- then a downpour! So, the 2 new rides we were looking forward to checking out weren't running (but I'm not sure if that was weather-related or if they were still a few days away from launch.) In any case, the Mustang Runner looked epic. The website describes it as:

"Three arms with seven gondolas per arm turn one way while the base of the ride spins the other way. Must be 42 inches to ride with a supervising companion and 54 inches to ride alone."

Spinner rides are not my thing, but I have some rowdy kids who will be trying this ride out later in the year.

The second new ride is the Falcon's Flight. It goes around AND at really high elevation. It's described this way:

"A hair-raising thrill at nearly 100 feet above the ground. This ride spins and rises at the same time with more than 50 riders at a time. Must be 42 inches to ride with a supervising companion and 48 inches to ride alone."
I can't wait until these are running!

4) Faster Food.

I will not lie to you and say that everything at the park went off without a hitch. Remember, we experienced about an hour of torrential downpours, and this meant that there was a moment when the brand new ordering systems at the restaurants went down. (While we were at the display finishing our order.)

Staying dry in the rain under the umbrellas at Coasters Diner

This was not Worlds of Fun's fault at all. It was resolved quickly. But I was drooling over the fact that we can now order our favorite burgers, chicken sandwiches, and perfectly-seasoned crinkle fries from the Coasters Diner by just scanning our meal cards or vouchers, putting in our orders with the touch-screen display, and paying at the screen. This is a game-changer for families in a rush!

Even though there were some big, exciting changes to our favorite amusement park, so many things were just the same -- and just how we like them! In addition to enjoying our favorite train ride, Planet Snoopy, big kids coasters, and more, we experienced excellent customer services from everyone in the park.

A big part of why we go back is because I feel safe there. And while I've always wondered how Worlds of Fun handles bad weather, now I know! They were very cautious, allowing rides to dry out or be tested for safety before resuming them after the big downpour.

This also meant that we needed to find something to do while the rides were coming back online. We spent that time at Marcus' favorite place in the world: Peanuts Playhouse

This is the place my boys' dreams are made of. Lots of room to run, foam balls to throw, shoot, and dump. Vacuum hoses to suck them all up. Air tables to suspend the balls. Stairs to climb, slides, to slide, noises, and craziness. And it's just the way they love spending their day. (I admit to love watching them in it, too!)

Here's a video recap of our fun inside:

I was so blessed to have a place for the boys to let off some steam while it rained outside!

Then, when the sun came out, we were back to riding rides!

Did you know which one the boys wanted first? That's right... the one in WATER. (Coincidence?)

Every time we leave Worlds of Fun, I think it's been the perfect day. And then we have another. I love that it's big-family friendly and with no shortage of things to do -- even in less-than-perfect weather.

Get your season pass today from their website, and be sure to check out their very awesome Pre-K pass program, which gets kids ages 3-5 into the park for free!

See what's new in 2017 this year at Worlds of Fun. Highlights include 2 new rides, updated security, and redesigned entrance!

*This visit was sponsored by a partnership between us, Blog Meets Brand, and Cedar Fair. Opinions are our own.

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  1. The rides and food look great! Wish we had something like this a bit closer!!
    Great photos too!

    1. Thanks! It's about 4 hours from us, but so worth the drive.

  2. Looks like lots of family fun to be had there! We'll have to check it out next time we visit.

    1. You should! If you have extra little ones and prek kids, they get in free!

  3. One of my best childhood memories is of a trip to World of Fun in Kansas City! Now I'm really wanting to plan a trip for the kids, thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

  4. What a fun place! Looks like you all had a great day!

  5. The Peanuts theme looks like so much fun. We'll have to try it if we are ever in the area!


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