How to Tie a Room Together with an Area Rug

Learn what a good area rug can do for your room -- no decorating skills needed. Here's how to tie a room together with a rug.

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When you think of decorating a room, the first things that come to mind are likely furniture, accent pieces, wall color, and even artwork. One thing you may not think of right off the bat, however, is an area rug. What many people don’t realize, however, is that finding the perfect decorative area rug is an excellent way to tie an entire room together. Whether you’re using an area rug under a coffee table, dining room table, or even in a bedroom, by combining the colors from the rug with those throughout the room, you can bring the whole room together to give it whatever vibe you’re after. Not quite sure how to use your area rug to tie your room together? No problem. Here are some tips:

Make sure it’s big enough

If the purpose of your area rug really is to tie a room together, then you must make the rug the focal point of your room. It should be big enough that your furniture sits on top of it, while still leaving enough room that the rug shows. If your using an area rug in a living room, your coffee table and at least the front legs of your chair should sit on it. If it’s in your bedroom, make sure there are a couple of extra feet of rug on each side of the bed so your feet will rest on the rug when you get out of bed. Your rug doesn’t have to cover your entire floor, in fact, leaving some space at the edge of each room where the floor is showing will make your room look even larger! Don’t forget to always take care of the flooring underneath your rug for the parts of it that do show!

Pick the rug first

If you’re just starting to decorate your room, pick your rug first and then choose the rest of your furniture and d├ęcor to go along with it. It may be very hard to find the perfect rug if you already have the rest of your room decorated and save the rug for last. While it may sound strange to decorate a whole room based on a rug, the rug doesn’t have to be the “finishing touch,” it can (and should) be a great starting point.

Get creative with your rug

Have a little fun with your rug. Remember, this is going to be the focal point of your whole room, so let your personality shine through when you’re making your choice. Choosing something brightly colored or with a pattern or design will help your room stand out. You can also choose a rug that has a fun/original shape. Sure, most rugs are rectangular. That doesn’t mean that yours has to be also! Maybe a diamond or circle shaped rug would fit better with your personality and your space.

Think about texture and material

The texture and material of the rug you choose can also greatly impact the look and feel of a room. Some materials look more casual, while others will give your room a fancier vibe. Think about the room your rug will be in and the feel you want the room to have and then make your decisions regarding material accordingly.

Create contrast in your room

If you want your rug to stand out in your room, create some contrast. Paint your walls or choose accent pieces that will echo one of the accent colors in your rug. This will really help make your rug pop and stand out amongst everything else in your room.

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