Olay for 28 Days? Results of my Skin Care Study

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I have tried dozens of products over the years designed to keep my skin looking younger. I do my best to stay out of the sun, stay hydrated, and get rest, but I always look to beauty products to fill in the gaps when I fail. Olay recently asked that I give their Skin Advisor mobile tool a try, then put the recommended products into my daily routine for 28 days. I was then asked to share my results here.

Now, I should probably tell you that consistency is NOT my strong skill. I often forget to use products, but I was pretty consistent with using these recommended products. That gave me a good idea of if they were doing anything, but really I wanted to know the following:

  • Will they cooperate with my sensitive skin?
  • Are they light feeling (non-greasy)?
  • Will they work well under sunscreen?
  • Do they offer noticeable results and make it worth my time and money to continue using them past the trial?
Learn about the new Olay Skin Advisor Tool and how it can be used to determine your  skin's age. Plus, learn what products are available to improve the look of aging!

I started the trial by using the Olay Skin Advisor tool (available on your mobile device.) I snapped a photo, uploaded it to the tool, and it began to analyze my skin color, eye lines, wrinkles, and provided me with an age estimate: 36! Yeah!! That means I look younger than I should. But there was still room for improvement.

According to the tool, I needed to work on the health of the skin on my cheeks, and I had some bags under my eyes. (The eyes were not a surprise, but the cheek tip was!) I was then given a list of produce personalized to my needs. All are available to purchase at Walmart.

There were several products recommended, but the two main ones the results focused on were these two:
  • Olay Eyes Dark Circles cream
  • Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Regenerating Serum

While both were Olay products, they were from different lines. I admit that I would not have guessed to pair these two together or use them to work on problem areas. I guess I didn't know enough about skin care technology! (Good thing for the advisor tool!)

Here's how I used these:

For 28 days, I used the serum as directed, in the morning and night, both times after washing and patting dry my face. I used it on my face and neck, avoiding the area around my eyes. I used the eye cream around my eyes (including my eyelids) morning, and night, as well.

I always used my 100 SPF sunscreen over the products if going outside. If not, I stuck with 50 SPF (I'm very sensitive to sunlight.) I also used makeup about 15 of those days when going places.

Upon the first use, I did notice a very subtle lightening of the are around my eyes. There is a very slight shimmery finish to the eye cream, that I believe helps reflect light in a beautiful way. I imagine this is why I started feeling less like a racoon upon day one of use, even though the product does take time for more permanent results.

The serum was so light that it was completely soaked in by the time I completed my moisturizing routine. There was no greasy residue on my fingers, and I didn't experience ONE bout of breakouts using this. I am still prone to acne at age 38, and one of the reasons I didn't use moisturizer prior to this product, is that I hate the weighty feeling they have. Some of the most talked-about products just feel oily to me, and I usually get pimples within hours of using them. I did not have one breakout using the serum.

The serum also suggests that you will notice results right away. I do think that there is a very slight smoothing of lines upon first putting it on. But I have very dry skin, so I'm not sure if it's serum-specific, or the fact that I really needed a good moisturizer prior to trying this.

What did I notice after 28 days? The thing that I noticed most was that these two products fit so easily into my non-routine. I think you guys know by now that I am NOT a beauty blogger. I paint my nails 3 times a year (if that.) I wear makeup only when leaving the farm. I have started to love my natural look so much that I try to do very little to alter it. (Being a fair-faced Danish girl means that I've just accepted that I'll be fair and freckly and I'm OK with that.) I avoid colorful palettes and stick to light shades for lip and cheek. I rarely line my eyes.

Because I'm a minimalist, these products were so awesome to use. I never felt them on, and they didn't affect the look or feel of my sunscreen or makeup products. They don't have a strong smell. They leave behind no greasy film. I can wear them with contact lenses!

Let's talk aging. How did they do to make me look younger?

Learn about the new Olay Skin Advisor Tool and how it can be used to determine your  skin's age. Plus, learn what products are available to improve the look of aging!
Before (left) and after (right)

I didn't notice much by way of lines. That's just me being honest. I really don't have too many, though. I have some lines on my forehead that come out when I'm working a lot, because I frown while typing. I don't struggle with crow's feet much. So smoothing properties were hard to judge because I had few lines to work with.

Overall skin tone looked amazing after using the serum. I had a more even tone after day 3 or 4. By day 28, I had no ruddiness, and places that I thought were patches of freckles were gone. So, apparently I was dealing with a little skin spot from aging -- who knew? I really, really felt good with the color and evenness of my skin.

This is probably the most important finding, because I had just told you how much I hate wearing makeup, and with these evenness my skin has now, I have even fewer occasions to wear it!

Using this product, I can just wear makeup to accentuate my features, but I have actually skipped foundation altogether because I don't find I need it to cover anything.

What about my eyes?

Learn about the new Olay Skin Advisor Tool and how it can be used to determine your  skin's age. Plus, learn what products are available to improve the look of aging!

I was really happy with this. I have a lot of freckling under my eyes that make them appear darker. The product couldn't do anything about that, but what it did help with is the shelf of skin under my eye. I guess you could call it a wrinkle. The baggy skin tightened a little during the study, and that made me look less tired. It also made my eyelids less red and ruddy-looking. This diminished the overall "raccoon" look that I get when I'm tired.

Learn about the new Olay Skin Advisor Tool and how it can be used to determine your  skin's age. Plus, learn what products are available to improve the look of aging!

These are just two of the products Olay offers at Walmart, but they are now going into my "forever" toolkit to battle signs of skin aging. You'll need to use the advisor tool to see what products are best suited for your needs.

Will you try the tool? What age do you think it will guess you are? I encourage you to check out the Olay skin advisor tool and give one of the products it recommends a try. For me, it's been a very pleasant and worthwhile experience!

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  1. Your cheeks look a little fuller to me. Good skincare is a matter of lots of consistency over time so great job!

  2. This looks like something I've been looking for. I need a good serum.

    Andrea @ mommainflipflops.com

    1. The serum was awesome because it was so light and soaked in quickly. You'll love it!

  3. The skin adviser tool sounds like something I need to look into! I just hope it doesn't guess that I am older than I am!

    1. The good news is that you can use it again after you've tried the regimen. I'm hoping it tells me that I'm even younger now ;)

  4. So glad to hear that your skin tone improved. I have been looking for something similar, thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, with light skin and freckles, my tone is all over the place. This helped!

  5. I have the same list of needs when it comes to anything I put on my skin. It's great to read your experience before purchasing!


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