Skylanders Imaginators Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack Review (Video)

It's here! We were so thrilled to get a review sample of the Skylanders Imaginators Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack for the boys to play with. Marcus and Moses were first to call "dibs." They tore into it and then..

.... we realized we hadn't updated our console in a bit.

So, while we waited for four hours for our Xbox 360 to update, they took the pieces out of the box and just looked at them.

Skylanders Imaginators Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack Review

Included in the Level pack is one Sensei character (Wild Storm), a life Creation Crystal, and the coolest things of all -- a Imaginite Mystery Chest. The chest is, according to Marcus, "the best chest."  You can see what else they thought of this exclusive pack in their review video:

The pack is actually a whole new playable level that kids can explore. While so much fun, it does require some downloading, so be sure you've got that done before you get ready to play. Once updated, there are over 80 new traits, powers, and skills for their character. It's like getting the best birthday present ever --- all inside a chest!

As Marcus explained to me, this chest was not listed on any of the chests shown on his collector's poster. This was a big deal to him. It was "exclusive" he kept saying. So cute!

Your Skylanders fans will adore this level pack. In addition to having some pretty sweet Sensei skills at their disposal, the new worlds in the level are really exciting. My boys always love the dialogue and story line of the Skylanders games. They are so much more than just game play -- they are all kinds of entertaining!

The level pack is available wherever Skylanders characters, accessories, and games are sold! (Right now, you can order from Toys R Us, and Target!)

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  1. So cool. I have some birthday parties coming up. These would be great. Thanks for the ideas. Andrea @ momma in Flip flops

  2. Looks like something my son would like and we too have a few boy birthdays on the calendar. Thanks for the idea!


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