Top 7 Spring Children's Activity Book Titles from Parragon

Spring is here! That means my kids are outside so much more than they were just a week ago. But even the most active of little boys need time during the day to slow down. That's when they usually curl up on the couch with books, coloring books, or notebook.

This month's free shipment of books from Parragon had us so happy that Spring was here! All of them had their own special way of celebrating the season. Check out our favorites:

Join Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses, The Hungry Caterpillar and more in the newest title of activity books for kids from Parragon!

Paw Patrol Marshall Saves the Day ($8.99) 

My 3-year-old Manny is so into story books right now. He has his big sister read him a book that he picks out before each afternoon nap. This week, he would not stop picking the same book -- this Paw Patrol book! It has colorful pages and even comes with a bag tag /charm that kids can connect to a backpack, diaper bag, or keychain.

Join Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses, The Hungry Caterpillar and more in the newest title of activity books for kids from Parragon!

Pixar Awesome Adventures (Draw, Doodle, Create) $12.99

My 6-year-old is a huge Pixar fan. He really likes these books that start the illustration for him, then gives him ideas for how to complete each page! It's much better than a standard coloring book, with lots of space to get creative. It comes with 100+ stickers, too!

Disney Princess Springtime Wonders ($4.99)  

This sweet and budget-friendly book has 50 stickers and lots of princess stories for kids to enjoy!

Disney Princess: Daffodils and Dances ($4.99)

I love that this activity book also comes with four brightly-colored crayons, perfect for coloring in all the Disney Princess dresses and scenes. Snow White, Cinderella and the rest of our faves are in this sweet book. 30 stickers are included, too!

Disney Princess: Spring Sunshine ($4.75)

With a press-out scene to construct, this is an fun way to encourage imaginative play. And, of course, there are stickers!

The World of Eric Carle Press Out and Play ($7.99)

Another punch-out scenery book, this one was adopted quickly by Manny. A big Hungry Caterpillar fan, he recognized the pictures right away from his favorite book. It comes with crayons that are suitable for smaller hands!

Peppa Pig Little Piggy Puzzles ($6.99)

Finally, the best part of our package was this ADORABLE Peppa Pig activity book. It's full of Manny's favorite kind of puzzle: the dot-to-dot! It also comes with a very cute straw with Peppa on it! He loves using this to drink milk from. It's actually gotten him to give up his sippy cup!

You can check out all of the fun spring activities going on at our house and other Parragon families by following the hashtag #ParragonSpringTimeReads on social media! I received these books to review for free, but opinions are our own. Find out more info on the quality line of children's products at the Parragon website!

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