4 Ways to Appreciate Your Teacher This Year

School is starting to let out all over the country, but there's still one very important thing left to do! Let your teacher know how much they mean to you!  I used to think that teacher appreciation gifts had to be fancy, but really -- most teachers value the simple things, especially those that can help enhance their classroom experience.

That's why we teamed up with the Go Teach! Community to bring you some ideas for teacher gifts that are both functional and fun!

1. Bouquet of EXPO® Markers
When it comes to Dry Erase markers, there really is none better than EXPO. It's the brand I use in my homeschool, and these new markers have an Ink Indicator to tell you that you're going to run out of ink -- before you run out of ink. Bundle them together in a bouquet for a fun gift presentation! 

2. Fun Printables

Printables keep my kids busy for hours, and I know that they can come in handy for the traditional classroom teacher, too! The Write Your Future website is loaded of free printables. 

In addition to activities for kids, they have some gift ideas too (such as putting fun Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens into this printable flower Thank you gift!)

3. Donate Supplies

What does your teacher want for next year? Get a jump-start on filling their supply closet with supplies for BOTH the kids and for the teacher. I know that I'm partial to the InkJoy Gel Pens for record keeping, grading, and persona communications. Ask what they love and help fill their desk drawers early!

4. Donate Time

There are always end-of-the-year projects to be done. Inquire about ways you can lighten the load. There may be extra organizing or cleaning tasks that a responsible parent can help with. Just ask! They want to be done for the summer after the kids go home. Help them get there...

What ideas do you have for appreciating your teacher? Whether it be a gift card for an office supply store that sells their favorite pens or something greater, no kind deed will go unnoticed.

*Samples of products received for photography. Opinions are my own.