College-Bound Bucket List: Mother/Daughter Movie Night

As I tearfully clean up from my oldest child's graduation party (which was fantastic, by the way), I have a moment to reflect on our last year together. She is off to college in another state this fall, and we have been working hard on a "bucket" list of of things that we have always wanted to do together.

Among the items are several movies that I think she would enjoy, and others that I know she won't (but are cultural classics and should be seen by everyone.) We have really enjoyed these evenings together, as the setting up of the snacks and the settling in has also given us time to talk about life and what she can expect at college.

One of the ways we have made it extra special is by not skimping on snacks. When we have a movie night, we do things right. That means our snacks are good. The kind you don't want to share with anyone else and have the best chance of surviving the rest of the household by being hidden under the bed!

Among those items is our must-have snack: G.H. Cretors Popcorn. They were kind enough to send us some samples, all stuffed in a gift basket with a snugly blanket, tissues, and some of the year's best titles.

I really, really enjoy the "Just the Cheese Corn", because it is a rich, puffy popcorn that is bold with cheddar flavor. It gets your fingers cheesy in just the right way.

But, my daughter is a fan of the "The Mix". Because if there is anything better than all that cheese, it's just as much caramel mixed into the bites. Sweet and salty are good partners, you know? (Kinda like my daughter and me.)

As you can see, they are ridiculously full of flavor. One bag stuffs us silly and allows for a long night of movie watching.

What movies were on our bucket list? I'll share a few here:

1. The Arrival. This new release is something for the girls. Jeremy Renner is a must-see!
2. Sixteen Candles. We actually both did not like this one much, but it gave way to good conversation about what we were thinking in the 80's. Turns out, it was mostly boys.
3. Angus. This coming-of-age film was from my time. The sweet, sappy story was made better by 90's anthems from Weezer and others.
4. Giant. If your daughter has not seen an epic, 3-hour-long old film yet, this one will get her attention. And James Dean is crazy good in this film.. just crazy.
5. Better Off Dead. John Cusack and animated hamburgers give this movie flavor, and make us question entertainment.
6. Coyote Ugly. Yes, the girls dance on bars, but they also follow their dreams. And it's a good reminder that our choices don't have to be perfect. Intentions matter, too.

Movies are a great way to bond, especially if you allow a little time afterwards to chat. I will certainly miss movie nights with my daughter during the school year. Now, it's time to get to work on my summer movie bucket list for when she finisher her Freshman year!

*Thanks to G.H. Cretors for the samples. You can check out all of their delicious popcorn flavors, including the Organic Dill Pickle and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at their website, or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find them at a store near you!