Review of Mario Sports Superstars for Nintendo 3DS

This review is written by my son, Micah Knerl (age 13):

Mario Sports Super Stars is a combination of five sport games, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, and horse racing. Play with your favorite Mario characters such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Baby Luigi, etc. With each sport comes a choice to play single play or multiplayer.

If you choose single player you can play the tournament, exhibition, training, or how to play. How to play will show the basics of the sport, training will help improve your skill in the sport. By playing tournament you start at beginner and play the computer in multiple matches and fight your way up to the top and win the mushroom cup.

There are multiple cups to earn to become the champion of the sport. If you play exhibition you can play the computer with the sport of your choosing with the settings of your choice. You can also play the sport of your choice in multiplayer and challenge your friends in local play, online, or worldwide play.

Now you can have you own sports card collection by spending coins you earn in game. Try to collect all character cards, sports gear cards, sub character cards, symbol cards, and more. Use Amiibo cards while playing the game to get different bonuses.

(It is also 3D compatible but not preferred if you get dizzy easily.) 

My favorite sport in the game is tennis. It takes skill and is fun; it is personally my favorite to play. Mario Sports Super Stars is my favorite Nintendo game I own, and is the most fun game I own. If there was a sequel I would get it in a heartbeat. 

Get more information on the Mario Sports Superstars (retail $39.99 for the digital version) for Nintendo 3DS at the official website. You can also order the physical version (with limited edition Amiibo card) from Amazon (Prime members get a $7 savings!)

*Sample received to review. Opinions are our own.

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