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Sweet and All-Natural Blueberry Slush Frozen Drink Recipe

4:42 PM

Thanks to Juicy Juice for sponsoring our recipe and ideas for celebrating the summer together. Opinions are always our own. Get additional ideas for delicious family moments here.

Do your kids have a sweet tooth? Mine do. And yet, I have a really hard time serving sugary drinks to them just to keep them hydrated. This fun recipe has been a family favorite for a few years now, and it's all-natural. Just frozen fruit and fruit juice go into this super-sweet and satisfying blend!

To make it, you'll simply need two ingredients (yes, two!)

Put into a blender, mix, and serve! The blueberry taste is overwhelmingly delicious. And the juice gives it the moisture needed to make it a proper slush drink -- without diluting the fruit profile.

My kids can drink this up so easily, especially on a hot day with some straws. It's a refreshing option for BBQ's and summer parties -- especially when you don't want to serve added sugar.

You can adapt this recipe to include any of the Juicy Juice flavors, and your choice of unsweetened frozen fruit! How about Berry with frozen strawberries? Or even bananas?

What combinations will you come up with? Get more ideas for ways to enjoy Juicy Juice at their website, or Like them on Facebook!

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