Top 5 Movie Gems from La La Land

Did you miss the home release of the most talked-about movie this year? La La Land is now available on Blu-Ray and Digital HD and we are so in love with this film! While many were dismayed at a less-than-Hollywood ending, I found it to be a satisfying flick with amazing music performances and talent that was showcased in such an appropriate way!

What were my favorite moments in the film?

1. The rush-hour song and dance.

The movie opens with one of the catchiest songs from the soundtrack, "Another Day of Sun." Drivers stuck on the highway break out of their cars (and their daily ritual) to sing, dance, and join in a chorus that goes for miles and miles and miles. Were special effects involved? Probably. Do I care? Not at all.

2. Tap is back.

I did 14 years of tap, so I consider myself a bit of an expert on the dance. While Gosling and Stone are no Fred and Ginger, they did bring tap back into the spotlight. Even causing a trend for dance studios to bring in new business. People caring about tap is good.

3. Even those who don't like jazz... like jazz.

There's a cute scene in the movie where Mia laments at jazz being boring. She thinks it's elevator music (poor thing.) Her education is brief, but she eventually gets it. All of that great rock and rockabilly and country and top 40 just wouldn't be without it.

4. I Miss High School Musical

Is it just me, or did the Mia and Sebastian duets make you feel like revisiting East High? City of Stars feels a lot like Breaking Free -- especially with both soundtracks offering various versions of the main melody with characters interacting throughout. Bravo.

5. You can watch it again.

I can't say this about too many movies. But La La Land is a film you can (and should) watch again and again. Yes, the ending is not as Hollywood as everyone wanted, but that's what made it real and strangely satisfying. I think the pool scene with a very clumsy "Take on Me" done by the 80's cover band is at least worth watching 3 times. Where can I download that jam?

What was your favorite La La Land movie moment?

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*Screener received to review. Opinions are my own.

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