6 Bambi-Inspired Flowers to Plant in Your Yard or Garden

Love Bambi? Me, too.

And while the animation doesn't appear to let you in on exactly the type of flowers found in the woods where our little dear friend frolicked, there are some flowers that just give me the same sense of wonder and beauty as the film. We were recently sent a very nice gardening kit from the folks at Disney to celebrate the wonder of the new Bambi Anniversary Edition release, as well as have some good time getting in the dirt in our yard!

Since we are already well into our year, we picked some items that grow quickly and produce big and beautiful blooms. Here is what I came up with for a Bambi-Inspired Flower Garden. They are great for beginner and expert gardeners, alike!

1. Marigolds. What is there not to love about these quick-growing, hardy, and beneficial flower? In addition to coming in a variety of golds, yellow, oranges, reds, and even pinks! Butterflies and bees love them, but they have the added perk of keeping away the nasty bugs that can eat up tomatoes and potato. We put them in flower beds, as well as around the perimeters of our veggie gardens!

2. Pansies. These flowers are so easy to grow, you'll often find them popping up in sidewalk cracks! The blue, purple, and yellow varieties are my favorite. They have a delicate stem, and a "face" with most varieties. It looks like the flower -- is looking at you! Pansies are referred to often in poetry, being mentioned by even Shakespear.

3. Gerbera Daisy. You can find this bold and big flower with almost any color scheme. Put a pop of turquoise, hot pink, yellow, or orange anywhere you can put a pot. These flowers need lots of water in the hot sun, so pick a spot that they can handle, and pick the deadheads to make more beautiful blooms come on throughout the season.

4. Petunia. This flower is related to the deadly nightshade (but so is the tomato!) You'll love that it is an affordable flower usually already sold in garden centers started for you. Hummingbirds are attracted to some species of this flower, and they come in a variety of bold and beautiful colors. The Wave Petunia is a popular option for those looking for optimal bright shades! They also do quite well in pots and hanging planters.

5. Black Eyed Susan. I remember these growing in our yard as a child. They have a dark black or brown center and bright yellow petals. Pick them and recite the favorite childhood verse "He loves me, he loves me not..." whichever one you end up on with the last petal will tell you if your love is true!

6. Buttercup. This pretty yellow flower also has a history. We would rub the flowers under our chin. If the skin on your chin turns yellow, your true love loves you, too! They are great for filling in spaces in your hard or garden that need some color. They are easy to grow and bloom quickly.

These are just six of the many flowers we have growing in our yard. They are all so amazing and add a touch of whimsy and beauty to any outdoors space. What flowers do you think of when you envision a Bambi garden?

Don't forget that Bambi Anniversary Edition is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital HD.

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