8 Silly Summer Fun Titles from Parragon

Summer seems like it just started, and yet my boys are getting restless. With the temps getting hotter and afternoons feeling like they are never going to end, we were eager to sample these titles we received from the folks at Parragon! So many fun hours can be had with these:

Professor Murphy's Marble Mania

My boys love marbles, and this kit comes with everything needed for days of marbles tricks and games. There are over a dozen classic games and a book with colorful illustrations to explain how they work. The 25 marbles are really beautiful, too.

Know Your Knots

While we're on the subject of active books, check out this kit that teaches kids how to tie the best knots! Use the guide and included rope to learn knots for fun or for saving a life. The most common knots are taught in this innovative product.

Justice League Magical Story

My son Marcus fell in love with this book, which was perfect for new readers and features colorful illustrations throughout. The cover has an amazing embossed tin decoration, too!

Smiley, Crazy, Happy

Love emoji's? Tech-crazy kids can put down their phones and pick up this adorable activity book with lots to sketch, color, and doodle. Plus, there are so many cute stickers -- 2,000 in all!

Disney Moana Choose Your Destiny and Born to Voyage

We reviewed these two before, but my kids still love them. I don't know that there has been a better movie than Moana in a long time. These books are a creative way to relive the magic of the film!

4000 Stickers Under the Sea

Just when I thought we couldn't get enough stickers, this fantastic book comes along! My boys adore the coloring pages and activities that are enhanced by the fun and adorable stickers. So many to stick, share, and save. This book is perfect for preschoolers on up!

Doodle and Draw: Spots, Stripes, and Squiggles

We don't usually homeschool during the summer, but I love books that keep little minds sharp (and hands busy). This book is full of activities great for little ones 4 and up, including complete the drawing and spot the pattern!

 I received these books to review for free, but opinions are our own. Find out more info on the quality line of children's products at the Parragon website!

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