Get Free Range Eggs from the Store with Nellie's! {EXPIRED}

Eggs. They are one of the most-loved foods at our house. It could be because we have so many due to our growing free-range chicken flock!

But what about those families who don't have access to their own eggs? How do they get to enjoy better meals like we do?

One solution is Nellie's Free Range Eggs. They are available at stores nationwide and offer a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of free-range hens!

Our favorite way to enjoy the eggs is a simple "sunny side" up. I sprinkle a little garlic salt and pepper on the egg. We eat it this way every day. (And my kids enjoy the egg this way, too!)

Having problems getting the perfect sunny side up? You can use a lid to trap in heat and allow the egg to cook evenly. You'll avoid the clear slimy top layer or undercooked yolks this way!

As my kids head into summer, they are cooking more and more of their own meals. Almost all of them include eggs (egg salad, fried eggs, chef salad, etc.) It's the perfect ingredient to show your kids how to cook with, and I encourage you to celebrate school being out by teaching our kids how to make eggs!

Call it "Nellie's Summer School"!

Remember, Nellie's Free Range Eggs are from the first Certified Humane® farm in the country, These hens are never caged and have as much, or as little, access to outside as they want. Like my hens on our farm!

Easy to prepare, inexpensive and nutrient dense, eggs are one of the most versatile and nutritious meal or snack options around. Plus, they’re a great first food to get kids into the kitchen and interested in cooking at an early age.

Find out more about Nellie's, including where to buy them, at their website!

Wanna win? We have a fun Nellie's prize pack for a lucky reader, which includes a cute little frying pan and Nellie's gear! To be entered to win, just use this form by June 16th at 11:59 pm EST. Open to U.S. residents 18+ only.

*Samples received to review. Opinions are our own.

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  1. These & their organic Pete & Gerry's are the only eggs I eat now.

  2. the free range hen are what my gf has and she donte egg all the time


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