Like Pizza? Love This $10 Deal from Papa Murphy's

I was compensated for this review of Papa Murphy’s. All opinions and statements remain 100% my own. #DealsAt425 #Ad

I'm a mom on a budget. But I also love the convenience of pizza. That's why we were super-duper excited to partner with Papa Murphy's to share this sponsored content with you.

Have you heard of $10 Tuesday? Any large pizza from the menu or a large with up to 5 toppings of your own choosing are just $10 when you order from Papa Murphy's on Tuesday! I find this to be exciting, because Tuesday is the day I recover from all the crazy of Monday. It's the most likely day I'll be feeding my family an easier, tasty dinner with a simple side like salad or fruit!

We headed to our Omaha, NE location to try out this offer. I got two delicious menu pizzas: The Cowboy and Chicken Bacon Artichoke were my faves, so I loaded two up in the car after watching the team there make it fresh right in front of me. (The large pizza was just $10!)

If you haven't had Papa Murphy's before, they make each fresh pizza to order but do NOT bake it. That's your job, and it ensures that the pizza it hot out of the oven at home when you're ready. They will not getting soggy or cold in the car on the way home.

They look like this when you get them, complete with a little baking tray (no dirty dishes!)

Put the pizzas in your fridge until you are ready to eat. Bake according to instructions, and Voila! You have an amazing feast to enjoy with your family!

Here is the pizza, before and after baking. Don't they look good?

There is quite the variety of toppings, and since they are assembled when you buy, you can easily leave toppings off or make substitutions. I have the job of moving the olives from one side of the pizza to the other (half my family doesn't like them) OR I can just ask that they only put olives on one side of the Cowboy. It's easy and the staff there is pleased to do that for me.

And the ingredients are so fresh! I love their 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese, and the dough is my favorite of all pizza places. It is made from scratch with an actual stand mixer. Nothing is frozen. All of the toppings are chopped and prepared by hand each day!

Learn more about Papa Murphy's at their website. They are the world's largest take n' bake pizza brand, and for good reason. Their gourmet pizza is awesome!

Wanna Save? In addition to getting a great deal on Pizza each Tuesday, Papa Murphy's has a Dinner Circle that you can sign up for -- for free! You'll have access to incredible offers to make your meals even more affordable, sent to you via text and/or email!

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