Review of Operate Now: Hospital (for iOS and Android)

I'm a big fan of procedural medical dramas, even though I get a little faint at the sight of blood. That's why I handed over this review to my teenagers to try out. Operate Now: Hospital is a free app available on the Google Play and iTunes stores, and it features lots of drama, tense moments, and action!

What's it about? You are actually in charge of a few very important tasks. You are everything from the hospital administrator, making sure there is enough staff ready to handle trauma in the ER, as well as the operating room doctor! (I hope you don't mind a little blood!)

While the scenes are mild enough, I don't even like the idea of surgery. So, I watched from afar while my kids handled some pretty realistic procedures, which includes cleaning, cutting, and suturing. You'll earn money for each operation, which helps to keep your hospital on budget.

Manage staff, supplies, and cash flow as you keep all of the departments running at peak efficiency. This game bounces between the surgery simulations (which are like challenges or mini games), the administration (which is like a typical role play/strategy theme), and the story lines. Several video "flashbacks" are given to help develop the characters and make the game seem like a movie or drama while you play.

This game is free, but -- like most good games -- there are plenty of in-app purchases to help you achieve your goals, unlock new levels, and play longer. If you need a game that balances several game play experiences, this is it! And if you are in any way intrigued by the process of operations, you'll love the fast-paced, sometimes a bit stressful, missions.

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*Samples and in-store app credit received to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own.

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