Review of SmartMax Magnetic My First Animal Train

What happens when you lose power at your house? It's storm season, so we have plenty of non-electronic, open-ended toys for our boys to play with. We introduced our son to the SMARTMAX Magnetic Discovery My First Animal Train ($29.99) set when we had no lights. He played and played by my LED lamp for hours.

The set, designed for kids as young as one, are safe, innovative, and inspiring. I had all of my boys playing with them at one point. They are really that fun!

This set comes with a lot. There are plenty of train cars and pieces for the animals, too!

All of the brightly-color parts work together, but some of the magnets are made to go with some parts, and not others. That's how magnets work!

My 3-year-old LOVES these toys. Since he's not old enough for many of the magnet toys on the market, he gets these all to himself. While is loves the animals and the trains, his favorite way to play is to simply stick the magnet rods against one another, testing to see if they attract or repel. It's quite amazing how basic STEM principles are at work here. He's learning so much without even trying!

Here they are the next day (we have light!) The kids don't really set these up any particular way. I love that they can be assembled as shown on the package, or just played with freely in any way that they want. (This is truly an open-ended toy. Our favorite kind.)

We have had these toys for a few weeks, and they are gotten out of the toy box at least once every day or so. They are so fun, and I love the learning aspect.

Since I first got these, I've recommended them to a few friends who were looking for good, quality toys for kids of the age of 2 or so. Since it's hard to find toys that have a "grow with me" aspect, these are the ones I recommend the most. What toys do you know that are safe enough for kids in their toddler years, but are also fun for preschoolers?

See the entire line of SMARTMAX toys at their website. You can also find them on social at Twitter and Facebook!

*Samples received to review. Opinions are our own.

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