Save Big Money with Small Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself

Thanks to Roto-Rooter for sponsoring this series on Kitchen and Bath maintenance! Opinions are my own.

While I'm a very busy mom, there is one thing that I have less of than time. And that's money! All of use could use more of it, but I have found the best way to earn money is to never have to spend it in the first place.

One part of the home that seems to need constant attention is plumbing. From a small clog to major pipe issues, most homeowners have had to deal with plumbing at some point. (If you haven't, you're lucky, but your time will come!)

That's why it's super important know which plumbing jobs are OK to handle yourself, and which should be left to professionals. My husband is a very handy remodeler, so he has been taught some pretty advanced plumbing skills. But the average person should be able to handle some of these more common (and simple) fixes.

Let's look at the common ones and see how much money you can save with DIY!

1. Drain Clogs. There are many reasons for clogs. Hair, cold and caked on bar soap, an occasional band-aid or two, you name it... these are all perfect candidates to get in your tub or shower drain, or in the bendy part of your sink drain. While I like to try to fish it out with a hair removal tool, there are some things that need to be dealt with harshly.

If a simple solution of baking soda and vinegar (followed by hot water) doesn't work, I recommend using the Roto-Rooter products. Both the Gel Clog Remover and the Hair Clog Remover work quickly, remove all kinds of goo and hair, and will get you back on track in minutes. The gel is especially good at removing hair, since it clings to pipe walls and actually has a chance to work before moving on down the system.

Savings: $100 - $275

2. Toilet Clogs. These are more difficult, and if the plunger cannot make your issue budge, you may need to use a snake. These tools are messy and expensive, but great to have on hand, especially if your little one likes to put toys or forks down the toilet. (It happens.) A snake can also be rented from your local rental shop, usually for between $25 - 100 a day. Before trying this, however, you might see if the Roto-Rooter Clog product will help. It is especially effective on big block of toilet paper or other soft materials that can get stuck inside your toilet.

Savings: $150 - 300

3. Leaking pipes. Sometimes, a pipe just needs a good wrenching to stop leaking. Over time, pipes can become loose, and this video gives you a good primer on how to simply stop leaks. Many times, however, you will find that you'll have to take pipes apart to fix leaks. DIY when you can, though, usually with a product like Perma-Leak or other pipe wrap -- especially if you have to wait a bit for a plumber to come out.

Savings $200 - 300

These small DIY plumbing fixes are all things you can do yourself, but each one can save you hundreds of dollars!

4. Toilet repair. Did you know that many of the parts inside your toilet tank are designed to be replaced by the consumer? If you have problems with a toilet that won't stop running, only fills up partway in the bowl, or has a handle that needs "jiggled", you'll likely need to replace the inside flush valve or fill valve parts. Just be sure your know your toilet model, as these parts will vary by toilet make.

Savings: $75 - 100

There you have it! Just a few fixes that can add up to big money when you hire it out. If you aren't sure how to handle small plumbing jobs, there is no shame in hiring a professional, but be sure to shop around and be aware of any flat fees for services calls. Sometimes, the work done doesn't take long at all, and you will actually pay more to have them come out to your home than to do work.

Be sure to check out the Roto-Rooter products website. The products are backed by the same company that has been known as the #1 name in plumbing for 80 years: Roto-Rooter!

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