Top 6 Theater Tips for Little Movie Goers

I'm so excited that Cars 3 will be in theaters this weekend, and Juicy Juice has partnered with us to provide tickets for my kids to enjoy the show! The partnership is a good one, as we've been enjoying their juice products alone and in recipes (see our all-natural frozen blueberry slush recipe for an example) for years!

But, to be honest, the thought of taking all six of my kids to the theater (even for an exciting release like Cars 3) makes me so nervous. Wrangling them all, having them sit quietly, and even getting to watch the film myself seem like lofty goals.

Take your kids to the movie theater and actually watch the film with these parent-approved tips for enjoying the theater experience with little ones in tow. These really work!

I'm no stranger to the theater, however, and I have picked up a few tips over the years for parents who want to give their family the best experience possible. Use these six tricks for more enjoyable viewing at Cars 3 this weekend!

1. Go when the theater is less crowded. Yes, I know that you've been waiting for years for this next Cars movie, but will it really hurt you to see it a day or two after it opens? In our area, leaving the Friday night showing to the hard-core movie buffs means that you won't be fighting for good seats and you'll have a little more wiggle room for wiggly kids.

2. Try a matinee. Better yet, do your family (and other movie goers) a favor and see a matinee. These earlier show teams are usually less crowded and are full of other parents with kids. You'll also be taking your kids during the time they are less tired. More on that next.

3. Nap first. Even if your kids are getting too old for naps, we require a little "FOB" time before every movie. Flat on back for a minimum of 30 minutes with eyes rested or reading a book gives the kids a chance to reset. It makes for cheerier kids at the movies!

4. Fuel up before you go. I know that movie theater snacks are fun, but they are also more sugar and salt than my kids need in a day. We cut down on treats at the theater by having a healthy, filling snack at home or in the car on the way to the theater. Peanut butter with apples and a glass of Juicy Juice are a quick pick-me-up that keeps their wiggles under control and their tummies full through at least the first half of the film.

If they then start to cry for snacks, you have some choices to make. Like:

5. Smart snacks are best. I'm a big fan of the giant bags of buttered popcorn, but you know what? They are terrible for kids. Popcorn in laps, buttery hands everywhere, and crying for more to drink sound like awful ways to watch the show. Instead, we get some mess-free options like bottled water and gummy bears to share. (I also bring little snack baggies to portion out the snacks at the theater. Who wants to wait to pass the love around?

6. Prepare for potty breaks. Nothing is more annoying than having to take a little one to the bathroom at the best part of the movie. Get around this by going as soon as you get to the theater, then requiring everyone to go again right after previews and before the opening credits. If you have a little one that will have to go again, pick an anti-climactic portion in the middle to make them "try." (Long songs are usually the best time for this!) You can also check out the app that tells you the best time to make a break in any movie, including if there is anything to stay for after the end credits.

Yay! You got through the film. Everyone should be happy (especially if you were lucky enough to see Cars 3.) Now, be sure to have your kids clean up after themselves by picking up trash, throwing away wrappers, and checking for personal items. Try the bathroom one more time before leaving, and snap a few photos in front of the movie theater poster for memories to share on Facebook!

Juicy Juice now has specially-marked packages of their products featuring the Cars 3 crew. Look for them in stores, and be sure to see if you are eligible for fun Cars 3 prizes, too!

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