Keep Calm in Scary Times with These Preparation Tips

Has the world lost its mind?

There are times when I think so. But even in times of relative calmness, and I know that it can become unpredictably uncertain in a heartbeat. My family alone has experienced flood, fire, sickness, and job loss. And our preparation  guidelines have been there to make the recovery much easier!

While there is a lot of information out there on how to prepare for a disaster, the most important tips are usually the simplest. You don't need to build a bunker or consider leaving the country. Just implement these five common-sense tips, and rest easier at night knowing you've done well to protect your family!

1. Start small. 

It costs a lot to think of everything, and most families are on a budget. Set aside a little money each month to invest in practical preparation strategies that are most likely to help in an emergency. Ideas can include buying a first aid kit, a fireproof document safe, 2-way radios, or a weather center. Start building up to a complete preparation system a little at a time. You don't have to do it all at once -- and most families can't afford to do this, anyway.

2. Think about your situation.

We don't live near an ocean, so a hurricane prep kit would be a ridiculous thing to buy. And yet, many of the products on the market are one-size-fits all and either leave out necessities that someone living in tornado country would need or have an assortment of gadgets that are impractical for my family situation. As a large family, we might need extras of some things as well. Seriously consider what unique needs your household might have and look for prep items that meet those specific guidelines.

3. Stock your pantry.

Of all the recommendations that survival experts give, there is one I follow more than others. That is food stores. We keep a year supply of common food rations on hand in a cool, dry place we can access in an emergency. Not only are these great to have in case of a major disaster that could interrupt our food supply, they are perfect to keep on hand for when the grocery budget gets a bit tight. The key is to get food products that are delicious, nutritious, and can be eaten up as needed. I incorporate quality food storage products into our daily meals, then order new ones to replace them, and ensure our supply is always fresh and ready when needed!

4. Consider Seeds

As a small farming family with our own acreage, we are gardening every year. It just makes sense to have a supply of survival seeds on hand. What are they? They are seeds for common foods you can grow in a variety of climate zones to produce your own food in the case that you need to. They are packaged for a long shelf-life, so you can pull them out and start a new food supply right on your own property! These seeds are also designed to be used in seed saving. Once your plants have grown, you can use the seeds they produce for the next year's garden. Infinite food is a great idea for uncertain times, isn't it?

As a busy, cash-strapped mom of 6 kids, I know that all of your preparations aren't going to be done overnight. But starting today means you are moving forward on your goals. A little bit of security is better than none, so take assurance in knowing that anything you do will help!

What steps will you take today to prepare your family for uncertain times?