Learning with Patterns: We Play Wizard Roll Game

Thanks to RoosterFin for providing us with a sample and sponsoring our feature!

My boys are pattern people. What do I mean by that? They notice every single pattern that I seem to miss. They love formulas, and this tells me that their little minds are geared toward both math and reading (they are both languages, are they not?)

So I was really curious about the new game from RoosterFin, called Wizard Roll. First, there were wizards involved, so I knew my kids would be interested. But it was also described as a quick game with little set up (my favorite kind of game). I love games we can play in the hour or so between dinner and bedtime routines, so I was hoping this would be well-received by my kids!

Wizard Roll is fantastically simple and very easy to learn. the instructions are a simple page, and the pieces are well-marked and very easy to understand. You have spell cards, two dice pieces, and the components of your spell (rune cards and element chips). That's all you need for this game that accommodates 2-6 players, ages 7 and up.

Game play is easy: Everyone starts with two spell cards, but you can pick just one and discard the other.

Then you take turns rolling the dice and selecting which piece you want to collect from the dice. (Usually a rune card.) You can also collect an element card to complete your spell. Once you have all the components of your spell (a combo of rune cards and element cards), you win!

Chant the name of your spell (a goofy, made up word from the components of your spell) and earn the point score for that particular spell. Get the highest total score at the end of the game, and you win!

I really like that this game is easy to master and can be played so many different times while still being interesting. While it's designed for kids 7 and up, any child that can read or even understand patterns can play with help. (A 6-year-old in our house would love this game.)

Get more guidance on how to play in this quick video tutorial:

It's just one of many exciting games from RoosterFin and one that's going to be played quite a bit at our house. What's not to love about wizards, spells, and patterns? You can buy this game from Amazon for $19.99 right now! You can also sign up for new game releases and playing guides from the RoosterFin email newsletter

Did you know? Joe, the owner of RoosterFin brings a unique skill to board games with his ability to create authentic game engines. His gift is in understanding how math applies to games. Joe’s background, coupled with his years teaching kids, enables him to create award-winning games that are continuously simple to learn and fun to play. Since Joe has left his life in the classroom behind, he has devoted his full attention to making great games.

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