Rev Up Your Engines! Cars 3 Shoes from Stride Rite are a BIG Deal!

Thanks to Stride Rite for sponsoring this blog post. Opinions are our own!

My little guy Manny has wanted "big boy" shoes for a bit. Character shoes are always a hot thing at our house, but I get a bit discouraged when they wear out or don't take getting dirty well. The light-up shoes, in particular, are super handy to have around (they just make night activities safer, in my opinion), but light-ups don't always clean well.

We had the chance to try a pair of the Stride Rite Cars 3 lighted sneakers with our 3-year-old. This guy was over the moon for them. He never wants to take them, off. That can be a good thing.. but what about when we don't want him wearing his "good" shoes?

Daddy was gardening the other day, and Manny insisted on wearing them to help water our lettuce.


Would they clean up?

No worries! The next day at the park, I had done nothing but set them on top of the laundry rack over night. They dried in no time, thanks to the lightweight, breathable sides and top. They looked really good for having been drenched in muddy water just 15 hours before. He had a great time at the park with his shoes, which were perfect for getting traction on the playground equipment!

These shoes are great value, as they can be worn anywhere, and keep their shape and color very well. We really don't have to switch Manny between "good" shoes and "play" shoes, anymore. The Cars 3 design from Stride Rite fit any occasion and always look sharp!

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