Review of the Ergoslider Plus+ Roller Ball Mouse

Repetitive Strain Injury. It's a real thing. I know, because I can write up to 6,000 words a day, and it comes at a price. My wrists and fingers hurt, and most of it can be prevented by using the innovative new tools on the market now. One of them is the Ergoslider Plus + roller ball mouse of which I received a sample to try out!

This is a very unique approach toward ergonomics. Instead of using a mouse you have to clasp, grip, or cradle in your hand, the mouse bar sits below your keyboard and allows you to maintain the right posture and forearm support needed to work for hours at a time without cramping or "mouse fatigue".

I'll admit, it took me an hour or so to master this product, as the buttons take some getting used to. Once you get the hang of it, however, you'll find that you can sit more naturally and scroll, click, swipe and more without having to move your hands away from the keyboard or to "grip" anything unnatural for long periods of time.

The scrolling portion is my favorite. It's works to well, and makes quick work of scanning spreadsheets or looking at code. The only word I can use to describe the movements of this tool is "smooth". Its frictionless feel is amazing, and it takes up less space than a mouse (which requires you to have room to the side of your keyboard.) You don't need to accommodate a filthy mouse pad anymore, either!

This innovative tool is now available at Amazon. It's very sturdy and built to last. I'm excited to switch up my routine and use it exclusively as my mouse. (I have previously moved from a traditional mouse to a "joystick" mouse because of nerve issues. This is another step in the right direction, and I'm excited to see how it helps my wrist and hands over the long-term.)

It's easy to install. Just plug the USB into your PC or laptop. It sets itself up in seconds! It's easy to clean and the roller bar can be removed anytime you need to remove it.

This product is an investment, for sure. But when you consider how much physical therapy for repetitive strain injuries can cost, I think it could be a good move! Get more info and buy the product -- available now -- at Amazon!

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