Top 5 Coolest College Kid Finds for 2017

I can't believe it's here! The time for me to say "good-bye" to my little girl is this month. I'll be sending off my first-born and only daughter to a college over 2 hours away. She'll relocate to the dorm, and I won't have the privilege of seeing her daily.

While we've put a lot of thought into what she'll need for college, there are also some "nice to haves" that I think will help bring order and joy to a new college student's life. That's what inspired our gift guide. All of these items were tested by me and met my approval for helping the new college student lead a successful, inspired life!

1. Sheaffer Pens

Kids always need pens, and now that your little one is all grown up, they need a pen that reflects their new endeavors, personality, and sense of responsibility. These pens from Sheaffer (owned by the makers of Cross pens) are the perfect blend of form and function. They are designed to withstand all that a college life throws at them, and are great to look at, too!  Find them at the Sheaffer website for $12.99 – $35.00.

2. Polly Cloths

Cleaning essentials are a must for any college dorm room, but who needs a cluttered cleaning caddy full of chemicals and expensive products? Skip the fuss with the new Polly cloth. These innovative and trendy-looking cloths remove more bacteria from surfaces than bleach and paper towels. Just add water! They leave behind no streaks or scratches, so they are safe for most any cleaning application you can think of! Get these all-purpose cloths at the Polly website for $20 a 3-pack.

3. Pixie Points Locators

Nothing would be more frustrating than losing your phone or wallet once you leave home. At a big college or university, this event could be devastating! Prevent unexpected "uh-oh's" with the Pixie locators, which are easy to set up and affix seamlessly to your most prized possessions (including your phone case!) Their slim design make them easy to insert in a wallet, purse, or glasses case. Once connected to your mobile device, you'll see your room in real-time, while Pixie shows you exactly where your missing valuable is hiding - within an inch of accuracy! Get the starter pack, which comes with all you need to get locating (including 2 "points") starting at $29.99 from the Pixie site.

4. Sugru 

What is Sugru? What isn't it? This all-purpose, crazy-good putty can be used in place of tape, glue, staples and more. It's the MacGyver of substances and the folks at Sugru has made it even easier to get started repairing and creating with theirs kits designed to inspire new ways to hack college life with the fun goo. The mug shown below was a shattered mess before Sugru. I'm so pleased with how well it holds up to heat, machine washing, and regular use! Plus, it just looks cool!

Sugru is sold in individual packs and some very innovative kit, including the following: 

  • Rebel Tech Kit (fix frayed cables, build a jumbo remote, amplify speakers and more)
  • Organise Small Spaces Kit (sort keys, bath products, frames, cables and more)
  • Create & Craft Kit (organize craft yarn, emboss a mug, and make your own cool gifts)

Each kit also comes with cleaning wipes and enough Sugru to get you started. A little goes a long way! This stuff lasts and lasts and I've been very impressed with the many uses for the world's best adhesive! Get the kits starting at just $15 and the multi-packs for $12 and up from Sugru

And just look what you can do with LEGO!

5. "All In" Stamped Tribe Bracelet

Sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith. That's what college is for so many kids -- and their parents! The "All In" stamped tribe bracelet from Cents of Style says everything I want for my child, in the college years and beyond! Show them that you support their dreams and their unique gifts for this world with this beautiful accessory that's affordably priced at just $24.95. Get it from the Cents of Style website!

*Samples of some items received to review. Opinions are my own.

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