Why I Switched Up My Wedding Band for a Groove Life

I have always been modest with my jewelry tastes. That's why I was a bit bummed when the only piece of jewelry I wear (my wedding band), no longer fit. I admit that I was dealing with a bit of weight gain, but I also had some terrible dermatitis that made my ring finger itchy and swollen. It was no longer possible to wear the ring that my husband gave me on our special day.

Instead of crying about it, I looked into rings that were geared more toward my lifestyle. As a work-at-home mom, I can sometimes type 5,000 words a day or more. I garden. I cook. I change messy kid pants. I paint. I even hold the wrench for my husband once in a blue moon. All activities leave me vulnerable wearing a regular band. Not only have I had my ring caught in a mechanism more than one or two times in my life, it's uncomfortable to wear doing many outdoor activities! It's also terrible to clean.

I was more than willing to switch out my band for a Groove Life ring. They sent me a few rings to try, and I said that I would share my experience. Here is how my rings came packaged. I was sent the box with a few different styles and 2 sizes (my regular size and one slightly smaller.)

The rings came in some thicker band styles, as well as bright colors. I chose the deep stone grey one with a thick band, and wriggled it onto my finger. (This is advertised as a men's ring, but women's sizing applies. I like a thicker band, so I'm more likely to wear these styles.)

How did it hold up? It's been a month of daily wear. I have only taken it off to give it a wash with a little soapy water after working in the garden. It hasn't gotten that funky odor that silicon bracelets and other accessories get, which means the anti-microbial claim has been for real. I have also noticed not stretching or breaking of the material, and I wore this ring hard over the past few weeks. I wear it in the shower and also to bed.

I have lost about 4 pounds since I started wearing it, however. So, I've found it necessary to switch to the smaller size. It's actually on uncommon for my finger sizes to fluctuate a bit, so -- in the future -- I think I would have two rings on hand for such occasions. I also have a bit of inflammation in my joints. That alone could cause my ring size to change, and I'm glad that the rings are affordable enough to have two sizes around just in case. (Note that sizing these rings is super easy. I used the printable sizing guide on the website to get the perfect fit!)

With a variety of colors (both bold and plain), there is a ring to match your style and attitude. The new customizable options also allow you to add special looks to your collection via custom lettering, initials, monograms, icons and more!

Get the full scoop on this great brand at the Groove Life website.

*Samples received to review. Opinions are my own.

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