Don't Get Stuck! Clogs 101 for the Busy Household

Thanks to Roto-Rooter for sponsoring this series on Kitchen and Bath maintenance! Opinions are my own.

I am not a helpless wife. But there are some things I just prefer to ask my husband to do. One of them is anything to do with plumbing. When he's not here, however, or I want fast results with little effort, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. Here are my best tips for attacking clogs in your kitchen and bath.

1. Try plunging. You definitely want to have a plunger for each room. (No one wants to use the bathroom plunger for the kitchen -- ewww!) Make sure you invest in one that fits the opening of your drain well. Different size plungers are designed for different jobs. Don't try to skip out by using the wrong one for your needs.

2. Remove hair. There is really nothing more disgusting than hair in drains. It's terrible. Sometimes, you can see it sitting there, right underneath the drain opening. To make sure that you don't have to deal with it as often as you might, I suggest having a hair clog trap installed under the opening of your drain. It lets water go down, but not solids. You'll still likely have to remove hair from time to time. That's where my next tip comes in.

Learn how to unclog any drain with our easy tips!

3. Use a quality drain opener. If despite your best efforts, you still have clogs, you might want to use a product like Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover and Hair Clog Remover. Between all the hair and the solid soap buildup we get in our drains, it's often the best way to make progress quickly. I follow the directions accordingly, then watch my drains open! I can then flush hot water down the drains and take preventative measures to ensure it doesn't happen as often (this means instructing kids to use less toilet paper!) With more active ingredients and the perfect thickness, Roto-Rooter is the best choice for all types of clogs.

Be sure to check out the Roto-Rooter products website. The products are backed by the same company that has been known as the #1 name in plumbing for 80 years: Roto-Rooter!

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