Get Real Results with Personal Trainer Food (Week 4 Review)

So, it's been awhile since I told you about my journey to get a bit more fit, and that the kind folks at Personal Trainer Food had sent me 28 days of grub to get me started. You can see the full week one review here, but essentially I was sent a bunch of yummy, easy-to-prepare foods and told to eat nothing else and walk 20 minutes a day. Easy peasy.

Did it work? Yes. That's pretty much all you need to know. I wasn't 100% faithful to the plan (don't be mad), but I think this only proved that it works. During week three of my experiment, my grandmother had some unexpected surgery, and I was with her at the hospital a few times and some appointments in Omaha. Cafeteria food was all I had (and in one awful instance -- a vending machine.) I also had dropped off my daughter at college one week, and the friends and family BBQ's were in full swing. I didn't want to be that parent who watched everyone else eat.

In spite of these few cheats, I lost weight. I didn't lose a full 10 pounds (I lost 8), but I did something better. I lost inches from my waist and found a stomach muscle after 15 years of multiple c-section births. I felt stronger, more in control of my food choices, and had some amazing energy. Being able to come home and pop a delicious grilled chicken breast and some veggies in the microwave after being a bit naughty in the ER waiting room with a processed granola bar was such a relief. I think that I was able to keep a very healthy regimen only because of Personal Trainer Food.

I also put less emphasis on weight loss and more on building lean muscle and core strength.

Personal Trainer Food works because it's just common sense good food paired with a realistic "move your body" plan. And I think that's what most moms (and dads) are looking for when they want to get healthy.

In the past, when I've wanted to get in shape or lose weight, I've filled my pantry with a bunch of strange foods and vowed to never let a gram of gluten, processed carbs, saturated fat, or (fill in the blank) touch my mouth for 30 days. Then I end up stranded in the LaGuardia airport on a business trip and have to sleep in the floor next to five strangers. We get vouchers from Delta. I eat fries. I curse. I start over on my 30 days plan, but not before enjoying 2 craft beers, a cheese Danish, and a bag of Fritos our of sheer frustration with the system.

As you can see, most diets are not realistic. They punish you when you screw up. They make you not motivated to do well when you have to start over. Personal Trainer Foods is very clear that any cheating can set you back, and they encourage you not to. But if you do, it's not the end of the world. Why? Because you have a full freezer of delicious food options to get you back on track. I could see Personal Trainer Food being a staple food for life that's always there to provide the majority of your meals, even if they can't be all of them.

With that, I have a few success tips for anyone wanting to make a difference in their life with Personal Trainer Food.

First, know your tastes. I tried at least one of everything from the food options -- even gluten-free chicken strips and a turkey burger -- so that I could honestly review this service. But these are not my foods. So, I was disappointed when I found them in the bottom of my freezer as the last things to eat. I would suggest stocking up on those items you know you'll love and avoid sampling too many "unknowns."

Yummy foods that I could eat every day include the BBQ rib, Works Burger, Meatloaf, Spicy Chicken Strips, and Cheeseburger Stick. You know.. bar food. The folks at Personal Trainer Food are not trying to make me feel bad for wanting to eat like it's 3 a.m. after a college party. They just make healthier versions of this food and let me be.

Not sure if you'll love a food? You can choose a smaller plan. I personally think you get your money's worth when you get the 28 day plan delivered to your door, but if you wanted to see what things you might like first, get a smaller plan and sample some things. Then, when you're ready for the month plan, fill it with burgers. No one will judge you.

I'm really pleased that my favorite t-shirt doesn't show bulging muffin top anymore. I have slender sides, no love handles, and more energy. I didn't have to do anything but eat food and go for walks with my husband every day (which was the BEST part of the program!) Get a walking buddy and you'll love this program, too. I know that I would continue to get slim and in shape by staying on this program. It's too simple to fail, (and this is coming from someone who is terrible at following through on things.)

If you want to try Personal Trainer Food, you should start today! You can follow them on Facebook to find out about savings offers and promotions throughout the year.

(Thanks to Personal Trainer Food for the review opportunity. Opinions are my own.)

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