I Have No Lesson Plans for the Week -- And That's OK

It's one of those weeks where Satan wants me to feel defeated.

In addition to starting freelance writing full time with some very new deadline-oriented news work, it's fall harvest. I have boxes and boxes of apples, tomatoes, peppers, and onions rotting around me as I scramble to make something of them. This has been a good 15-20 hours of my week on top of my work, leaving me over the canner until well past midnight.

To say I have any time to homeschool would be a lie.

Now, I'm not feeling bad. Do you know why? God gave me 5 bright and curious and proactive boys who love to learn and will to go great lengths to apply information. I also have a husband who is equally curious.

This week the oldest got his first professional soldering kit and will finally get to that Arduino compass he's been wanting to make. He also modded some Nerf guns and gave them a "steampunk" finish in between Khan math classes. He devoured "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" during evening hours. I did nothing to assist.

The middle boys tended to the garden and chickens, picking all the fruit, tackling the chore of dehydrating the peppers and properly storing them. They also learned how the parts of a dryer worked as they took it apart with their dad to diagnose the blower motor (which had a coin stuck in it.) They also did online history, bible, and math worksheets. I did nothing to assist.

The littles enjoyed their ABC mouse classes, where Marcus learned that eggs are a protein and how to master 2-digit addition. They read 12 new books that they picked up from the library sale (the 7-year-old read all of the Charlie Brown Encyclopedias to the 3-year-old). I did nothing to help.

Please don't think your kids can't get a world-class education if you're not standing in front of them lecturing all day. 

Don't think you have to have thousands of dollars for curriculum manipulatives. 

My boys are so bright and understand things so much better than I do, because they are allowed to be boys and learn and are given tools to explore. Satan tried to tell me that I was a worthless mom this week because I didn't do one lesson plan. 

He can kiss it. I know better.😉

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