Review of Creation Crate (Computer and Electronics STEM Kit)

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Every week, I'm alerted to a new STEM-related tool for kids and parents to use at home or in the homeschool environment to help them learn in a fun and engaging way. Some are better than others. This past week, we were sent a sample of Creation Crate, a subscription box that gives kids a more advanced, hands-on experience to learn STEM concepts, specifically with electronics and computing. (What is STEM? See our explanation here.)

I have my 14-year-old son Micah work through the kit. He has had some experience with putting together his own Pi kit and also some basic coding, so I thought he could give me an honest idea of how much kids can learn from this kit.

The kit itself was impressive. It had everything needed to get started, and it didn't come with a massive book of instructions.

A simple visually-based booklet walked kids through the building of the board, as well as how to do a very simple program code using Arduino. There were also some extra activities you could do to expand upon the basics taught in the kit. With every box, you get an UNO R3 (Arduino-compatible). This is a microcontroller, which is basically a small computer that you’ll be using to program and power your projects.

The best part was that the parts aren't single-use. As kids advance in their skills, the parts can be adapted, modified, or incorporated into other, more involved projects. Parts are parts, and Creation Kit did a good job of including some high-quality components that will have curious kids wanting to do more -- and learn more!

As a parent who really doesn't understand things like circuitry and programming language, it is a relief to know that I don't have to for my kids to grow in their skills. Creation Crate really has thought of everything. I would recommend parental supervision for younger kids, but for the motivated pre-teen or teen wanting to do a quick and fun project that lays a foundation for necessary STEM understanding, I highly recommend this brand of kit.

In addition to being able to purchase monthly gift boxes with a different project each month, the Creation Crate Shop has extra components and accessories for sale at a pretty decent price. All the components are compatible with the kids through this company, making it easier to shop than other sites (where you may have to guess compatibility or wait weeks for items to arrive from China.)

Kits start at $22.49 per month! Order here now!

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Creation Crate

*Sample kit received to review. As an affiliate of Creation Crate, I will earn a small commission for every order made through my link. Thank you for helping to support our site!

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