6 Ways to Get Kids to Help Make Breakfast

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I'm not gonna lie. I'm the mom who sits at her desk with a cup of coffee, a breakfast bar, and a grumpy face each morning. I'm NOT a morning person, and I often let me kids forage for whatever they can find in the cupboard for their first meal of the day.

But this isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's allowed them a bit of freedom to figure out what foods they love and how they can be responsible for at least one of their own meals each day. Here's how I'm nurturing that independent spirit to get them to make their own breakfast!

1. Provide kid-friendly tools. Yes, kids should always be supervised when cooking, but that doesn't mean they can't have their own utensils. I aim for spatulas, pans, and cooking gear that's ergonomic, colorful, heat-resistant, and sturdy. If they have their own equipment, they are more likely to use it and take good care of it, too! (And that means doing dishes afterward.)

2. Pick mixes. My kids are big pancake and waffle fans. I'm good about keeping a well-stocked pantry with lots of Krusteaz mixes for their breakfasts. Our favorite? The newest Buttermilk Protein Pancake mix with 13g of added protein. I love that it fills the boys up and keeps them satisfied until lunch time... because I can get a bit late with that meal, depending on the day.

3. Make it fun! My kids love getting creative with how they do their "plate presentation." It's probably all of those seasons of Chopped, but they spend almost more time designing the food arrangement than in the actual cooking. Smiley faces are kind of a big deal around here...

4. Make big portions. Anytime we do pancakes or waffles, I have the kids make enough for two meals. These items freeze well for later, and both the Krusteaz pancakes and waffles can be popped into the toaster straight from the freezer for a quick breakfast later in the week.

5. Don't forget the drinks! The same old breakfast can be a bit more fun with the right beverage. We go all out, giving the kids access to hot chocolate packets, apple cider, lattes (for the teens), and sparkling water with flavoring. This simple addition can make the kids feel loved!

6. Eat with them. Yes, I'm busy, and working from home 50+ hours a week can take me away from the table more often than I like. I make sure to acknowledge the kids hard work making meals by sitting with them, eating, and giving them lots of praise! My boys will be making breakfast for their own families some day, and they need encouragement now to create positive feelings about food and family time.

What is your family's favorite breakfast? Is there a dish that your kids love to make?

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