Review of the Play & Go Mini Storage Solution

Do you ever get the point as a parent when you want to bundle up ALL of the kids toys into trash bags and throw them away?

I get it. I am overwhelmed with the building brick toys of 5 boys and all of the clutter that comes with them. Luckily, storage has evolved quite a bit, and I am happy that we had the chance to try out the beautiful, sturdy, and easy-to-use Play & Go Mini. This adorable bag can capture all of your kids hobby mess easily, cinching up with a drawstring, and making transportation and storage easy!

While you could use these for anything from cosmetics to crayons, we use them for all the building bricks that my one child likes to keep "separate". He does special projects where he doesn't want his favorite bricks to mingle with others. I get it.

Play & Go Mini is ready to be used straight out of the package. Simple lay it out, fill it up with whatever, cinch it up, and go!

Modern prints and a very durable material make it ideal for today's modern and busy parent. They wash up well, too! Note that kids can use the larger mats easily to play directly on the product. My boys tend to get really carried away with play, however, so they have a hard time restraining play to a small area. As long as they put all of their toys back in the Play & Go when they are done, it's not a big deal at our house.

You can find the entire assortment of Play & Go products (including the larger bags) at their website and order from Amazon! Thanks so the Play & Go team for sending us a sample. Opinions are our own.

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