Review of the LEGO® Ninjago® Movie Samsung Kids Galaxy Tablet 7.0"

My youngest two children spend a good part of their day on mobile devices. There are so many fun and educational apps out there, and it's a healthy alternative to endless television watching that may or may not have much merit. We have tried just about every tablet available for kids, so we were eager to give the new LEGO® Ninjago® Movie Samsung Kids Galaxy Tablet 7.0" a try!

Samsung sent us a loaner review unit, and my 4-year-old claimed it right away. He has some experience with competing brands of tablets, but he had never used a Samsung. He was quick to figure it out, though, and there were a few perks of the Galaxy Tablet that I was really impressed with.

This particular model was inspired by the new LEGO® Ninjago® Movie, so it had a green protective bumper case (protective sleeve) that could be customized with branded buttons. The tablet came standard with 3-months of free unlimited access to Samsung Kids, so setting it up for my son to use (complete with parental settings, app review, and timer) took just minutes.

He was very familiar with a lot of the content available through the Samsung Kids service, as they are common apps he knew from other services (Pango, for one.) There was the ability to set up more than one user profile, too, so I could set up different app access and times for each child, based on age or interest. Kids can easily pick puzzles, videos, or books straight from their own customized home page, and they can't switch users or exit the app without a parent entering a password!

The best part of this tablet, however, is the battery life. You get 8 full hours, which is more than enough to get a kid through the day (or more than one kid) so that it can be fully charged overnight.

The tech specs are IMPRESSIVE. The quad-core processor far outperforms most kid tablets, keeping the unit from getting hot or slowing down when it's loaded with more apps. But I'm especially impressed by the 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, which can easily hold all the data from popular apps and is able to be expanded with a micro-SD card (not included) up to 32 GB! Kids no longer have to choose between their favorite apps. They can play them all!

With the quality you can expect from Samsung, the ease of an Android operating system, $99 in premium content included, and more educational apps added weekly, this is an incredible buy. I think we found a winner for a tablet to be used in our house -- for work and for play!

You can find this product where Samsung products are sold or at the Samsung website.

Wanna Save? This product is $50 off (just $99) for a limited time, plus you get 50% off a second with each purchase. This is a slamming deal for families with more than one kid!

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