Answering the Hard Holiday Questions with "Love, Santa"

Thanks to Scholastic for introducing us to this amazing book and sponsoring our post. 

Have you ever read a kids' book so special that it made you happy and sad and thankful all at once? That's what happened to me when I first read the new Scholastic book Love, Santa. This heartfelt, inspiring, and quite impressive read is in stores now and something that all families who have ever "played Santa" for their kids will treasure.

The book, by Martha Brockenbrough (and illustrated by Lee White) is designed for kids ages 6-11, but it is to be read only after you have decided it's time for them to know the truth about Santa. Our family has been doing Santa in a very casual way for years, with presents appearing under the tree, and some conversations, but not really pushing too hard. (No mall Santas, for example). But, no matter how much of Santa you let into your life, you'll find the book a good solution for when it's time to have "the talk."

This is a gentle, heart-warming read that turns the celebration of just one man into a legacy for children to help share in forever. There are stunning illustrations, a powerful message, and interactive letters that can be taken out of the book and read over and over again, too!

The story starts with a girl asking her mom if she is Santa, the response given will leave kids a little less disappointed than they might be, while also giving them the power to be the good they want to see in the world. Regardless of your Christmas traditions, this book can play a key role in transitioning your child to growing up under a Santa-filled legacy!

Here's a bit more about the Author:

Martha Brockenbrough is the author of two books for adults and five books for young readers, including The Game of Love and Death, which earned four starred reviews and was a Kirkus Prize finalist, Devine Intervention, and The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and their two daughters. Visit her online at

And the Illustrator:

Lee White is an artist and teacher who loves watercolor, print making, and climbing trees. He spends his days splashing paint in his backyard studio, where there are absolutely no clocks allowed! He has illustrated more than fifteen books and shown in galleries across the country, from Los Angeles to New York. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and young son.

Both of these artists do amazing work. They put the heart into a book that can serve as a tool and an inspiration for families for generations! Get the book now at bookstores. Learn more at the Scholastic website, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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