Making Amazing Holiday Memories at Worlds of Fun WinterFest

Thanks to Cedar Fair for sponsoring this post and hosting our visit to WinterFest. Opinions are our own. 

You've probably seen some of our favorite adventures taking place in the spring and summer at Worlds of Fun, but this is the first time they have opened up their gates to families during the winter. WinterFest premiered this past week (November 24th, 2018), and we were among the lucky families to see the experience first hand!

This festive and breath-taking adventure started with us driving from Tekamah to Kansas City on the day after Thanksgiving. (No shopping for us!) We got there a little after doors opened, and we were impressed with all the families that turned out. With the weather at almost 70 degrees, it was the perfect night for it!

WinterFest was available to those with a season pass, but tickets could also be purchased at the gate or online (for a small discount.) In addition to having access to most of Planet Snoopy, there were 13 additional park rides available (weather permitting). The lines were about as long as what you'd expect on a weekend during the summer, but we still got our share of thrills.

The entire park was done up with lights. EVERYTHING was lit up. Even the areas in the Africa part of the park had their regular decor decked out for the season.

And even though the theme was largely traditional Christmas and general "Seasons Greetings" decor, the good folks at the park gave a nod to our Jewish friends, as well.

The park was full of characters in full costume, including Jack Frost, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and other Christmas guests! They were happy to take their picture with guests, and we loved that there were also many places to stop and snap a photo throughout the park. It would be the perfect place to take a family photo for your holiday Christmas cards!

In addition to rides and the stuff you're used to seeing at Worlds of Fun, we were blown away by the Nativity scene. The "Reason for the Season" display featured live animals and the opportunity to buy feed to share with them! My kids loved the camel the best, but there were sheep, cows, and baby donkeys, too!

There was music everywhere. In addition to the music coming through the speakers in the park, there were plenty of musical performances. The Worlds of Fun Hometown Square featured performances of all kinds of holiday favorites, sung by Jingle Jazz and the Mistletones. There was even a snow machine!

Additional notable treats include:

  • The Artisan Alley had crafters and local artists selling their wares, which would make great gifts for loved ones. 
  • There was also a Charlie Brown's Tree Lot to interact with and navigate. 
  • The Das Eishaus ice rink (for an additional charge) give older kids and adults the opportunity practice their skating skills. 
  • Mrs. Claus' Kitchen was the perfect spot to decorate cookies to take home (for an additional charge) and the refillable special edition cocoa mugs available for purchase were a sweet memento of the evening! 
With so many more activities to do and sights to see, you can easily fill your evening with holiday cheer that goes way beyond the rides!

WinterFest is happening on weekends from now until December 30th, with the park opening at 3:30pm for parking. I suggest you get there early!!

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  1. We sure did get lucky with that weather, didn't we! Although we had so much fun I don't think I would have minded the cold. Maybe I should go for a second visit to test that theory! ��


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