Review of the Learning Resources Puzzle Globe

If there is one area of schooling that I wish I had known a bit better, it is geography. Today, we try to start teaching our kids early about the world that we live in, including the continents and oceans!

Learning Resources has developed a fun and instructional way to play that combines puzzles with geography. Their 14-piece puzzle globe is brightly-colored and just simple enough to teach kids the basics, while increasing their interest in more sophisticated geography concepts.

The globe has a puzzle piece for each continent, along with a piece for the name. So you can have the kids do just the shape, the name, or both! Several stickers came with the globe to help kids jog their memory. There is a pyramid near Egypt, kangaroos in Australia, and the Eiffel Tower in Europe!

My 4-year-old was able to put this together in about 15 minutes, but it's a good learning aid even after they've mastered the "puzzle" part. Designed for kids in Pre-K and up, this globe spins on its base and provides a primary look at how more advanced globes work!

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(Sample received for review. Opinions are our own.)

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