Get Extra Holiday Spending Money with TradeMore

This post is sponsored by TradeMore. I was compensated for this post.

Things can get pretty tight around Christmas, especially with six kids to shop for. While it may feel like it's a bit late in the year to make extra money, I remembered that I had a whole drawer full of unused smartphones to get rid of. Instead of just recycling them, I was asked to partner with TradeMore to try out their service.

I had a Samsung Galaxy 5S that I loved, but wasn't connected to a service. Instead of just having it collect dust (or occasionally play games on it), it looked at how much I could get with the TradeMore service.

Turns out, my phone could fetch up to $55, and I could make some room in my junk drawer.

I used their easy website to figure out what I could get for my phone.

Since my phone was getting a bit warm with the last use, they recommended that I return my phone without my battery. I was still able to get the same good price on it as I would with the battery.

After my request was submitted, I waited. A return label and padded envelop arrived in the mail a few days later. I got complete instructions for backing up my phone data and resetting my phone to clear off all private information. I removed the battery, put the phone in the padded envelope. I added the prepaid mailing label and called for a pickup from my delivery driver.

My phone is now on the way. I can check on the status of my trade at any time using their website, and I should get my digital MasterCard Debit Card soon!  I'm excited to get something for my old phone, which was just sitting around anyway. I can use the money from this TradeMore transaction to treat our family to a nice meal or buy a couple of presents for under the tree!

TradeMore is earning a great reputation for providing competitive prices on a variety of products -- not just smartphones. They also buy select tablets and wearables. You'll get a MasterCard Debit Card that can be used at any location that accepts MasterCard in exchange for items in their stated condition.

Have you ever sold your old phone? Would you use a service like TradeMore?

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