A Better Beginner Guitar: Review of Loog Guitars

I used to play the guitar. I loved the idea, really enjoyed when I would learn something new, and was generally excited about my journey. I didn't love my instructor, the complicated melodies I was expected to play, and the hours of practice that left string burns on my fingers. Because of my terrible experience learning to play, I was reluctant to wish that same fate on my children.

Then, I learned about Loog Guitars. The demo video made me hopeful that this was a new and better way to teach guitar. The focus was so different, and the guitar itself was a smaller, simplified version of the bulky guitar my little arms could barely reach around as a kid!

Loog has the same build and craftsmanship as your high-end guitars. It's body, string tautness, and sound is impressive for the money. But Loog has a few different versions of guitar that I think you'll find very beneficial for first-timers or children.

Looking for stress-free ways to teach your child guitar? Loog Guitars have developed an engaging and fun way to learn to play guitar without stress or friction! See what we loved about their company in our Loog Mini review.

Their Loog Mini, for example, was offered to me at a discount to review as part of the Shareasale affiliate program. I selected the sleek and sharp-looking Paul Frank to try out.

The Mini Loog has the same size as a ukulele, but it is NOT a ukulele. It has the same string and note functionality as a full-size guitar but is only played with three strings. This simplifies what kids (or any adult beginner) have to try to master before they can play a full range of common chords. The guitar also comes with interactive chord flashcards to help emphasize and reinforce chord learning.

But kids will also adore the free app that works with the guitar. The clever tool walks kids through the stages of chord progression learning and is so no-pressure with their approach, students might not even realize they are learning. They emphasize stopping to take breaks, not working your fingers numb, and having a good time in the process. It is the "anti" to how I learned, and I couldn't more grateful!

Whether you are a homeschooler who wants to incorporate music into your lessons, a parent of a kid who has been asking to play, or an adult who just has always wanted to play guitar, the Loog Mini can fill all of your needs for a strikingly awesome sound experience in a simple learning method. This guitar came packaged well and would be an awesome addition to your musical learning lineup.

Loog Guitars know their stuff. With an amazingly solid guitar build, a fantastic learning module, and fast and friendly customer service, I can see this company doing big things for anyone wanting to learn music in a new way. As a child who stopped loving the guitar due to the pressures of learning, I'm hoping that this new way of instruction and enjoyment gives kids the love of guitar that is truly beneficial for a lifetime.

In short, Loog loves guitars and those who play them.