Review: New Laser X Toys for the Holidays

Last year, we had a blast reviewing samples of Laser X, the home laser blaster system that you can play with family, friends, and the entire neighborhood! The toys impressed us because they were easy to start using right out of the box. The accurate electronics sensors and optics allows kids to blast their toys with an accuracy up to 200 feet! We were sent new versions of these toys to review, and I have to tell you how impressed I am. 

The great thing about these toys is that last year's models work with the new upgrades that came out this year. You can continue expanding on your collection to include even more players in the fun. I love that my kids get really active using this toy -- no more stuck in the house being bored!

As few as two kids can play, and there is even a box that comes with two of the blasters. (Blasters are also sold separately for easy addition of one player to the team.) Play "every man for himself" or join up for team play. The blasters allow you to assign everyone a side so that you can accurately blast your opponents for a win!

The sensors, which are worn on your chest, can detect shots -- even while running or hiding. The voice "coach" function gives kids tips for getting away safely and winning the game. After 10 successful "hits" by an opponent, you're out of the game. Last to stay in, wins!

This year, we were happy to see the addition of a new model of blaster, as well as a tower accessory. This tower lets kids play a sophisticated version of "capture the flag" in your home or backyard!

The toys are durable, too. We used last year's toys often, and now we are excited to put them through another season of use with the newest additions to the Laser X line!

Even though it's more visually appealing to play at night (when you can see the laster hits on the targets), you can play this in full daylight, too! The sensors keep track of everything, so you don't have to!

You can order these toys now - in time for Christmas! Set of two blasters cost $49.99, single blasters are $24.99, the long-range blaster is $39.99, and the Gaming Tower is $39.99. Find these toys at Target, Amazon, and other retailers, or check them out at the Laser X Website.

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