Review of KIBO Robot for Kids

So many robots designed for kids are too complicated, don't provide enough options for play, or use screen and apps. While I understand that screens have a role, I was really happy to learn about the KIBO Robot from KinderLab Robotics. This high-quality gadget is designed for kids 4-7 and provided HOURS and HOURS of play for my two boys without any screens at all!

How does it work? KIBO is a durable wood-base robot. After putting in batteries, you can set it up with a number of add-ons/accessories, such as a light or sound recording device. Next, select the code or command "blocks" that you want the robot to execute. My children, for example, really liked the simple command to record sound and play them back when the button is pressed.

After your code blocks are in order, scan the blocks with the light on the robot (it works like a scanner at the checkout in your favorite store). If you don't have the blocks in the correct order, KIBO will let you know. Only a properly formatted command will result in a program.

Now, it's time to play! Our boys put in the command that they wanted, and they were off. KIBO moved, made noises, recorded sounds, lit up, and even sang! My boys were thrilled that they could do so much with the robot. Mixing and matching blocks creates different commands. It's endless educational fun.

Learn more about this innovative, educational toy in this video:

Want to buy? Check it out on the website! From now until December 31st, you'll get a free marker extension with your purchase.

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