Review of Pee Wee Passback Foam Football from Passback Sports

Kids don't get nearly enough outdoor exercise these days, and part of that can be due to physical limitations kids have. My smaller, less coordinated sons often feel left out when their older siblings toss around the football. We were recently given a sample of Passback Sports Pee Wee Foam Football to review, however, and it has literally leveled the playing field!

First, this soft, foam ball is small enough for younger kids (like my pre-schooler) to catch but big enough for my older kids to hold in a regular football grip. It is weighted perfectly for a game of catch, and it can be used in a regular football type game.

But the most innovative part of this toy is its "passback" action. When tossed against the side of a wall or garage, it bounces right back to you in the perfect form to catch! Kids can play by themselves when there isn't anyone around to play catch with. It's great for hours and hours of active play in groups of any size!

This Pee Wee football is just one of the many available balls in the line. You can also check out their Official (for adults) and Junior (for elementary age) footballs, as well as basketballs, at their website or purchase from Amazon!

*Sample received for review. Opinions are our own.