Why I Love Winter with My Family (America's Favorite Jammies)

 This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included pajamas as compensation.

My boys are really good friends. It may be because they were born pretty close together. It may be because we homeschool them, giving them ample opportunity to work together to solve problems and enjoy eachother's company. It could also be because we've always prioritized good, old-fashioned family time.

What is our family time like? In the fall and winter, it's basically quite a bit of leisure time in our P.J.'s!

Pajamas? Yes! As a family who works hard during the spring and winter with our garden and farm, there's really nothing more indulgent than putting on a comfy pair of pajamas, and doing all those fun weekend activities with no cares in the world!

My boys love to read, play board games, wrestle, and goof around. Sporting an ultra-soft, warm, and durable pair of Carter's pajamas, (which we purchase at Kohl's) just makes everything better, though. It's no wonder they are America's Favorite Jammies!

We outfit the younger boys in the Applique Top & Microfleece Bottoms Pajama Set, and the older boys like to wear the Graphic Top & Patterned Microfleece Bottoms Pajama Set (which has a more grown-up look to them.) Regardless of which style we choose, the colors stay bright, and the material very snuggly warm and soft.

They are a very sturdy construction, so they survive many, many washings. These are just the sort of pajamas a mom of five boys love, because even though we try to give each boy a new set each year of their very own, they get handed down in very good condition! Some of our first pairs of Carter's pajamas have lasted for over 7 years!

I know that a lot of people don't look forward to the colder months, but as a rural mom who has been breaking her back in the garden, dealing with the hard work of processing food for the winter, and who needs a break, I'm super excited to snuggle up with my boys this winter and just enjoy the family. Pajamas seem to make everything more casual, warm, and relaxing. We should spend more time in our p.j.'s, don't you think?

Want to snuggle up with your family this winter? I highly recommend America's Favorite Jammies -- Carter's, which are available at Kohl's and come in a variety of prints, patterns, and materials. There really is something for all ages, from babies to big kids!

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