Big Game Snack Idea: Stadium Centerpiece with G.H. Cretors

The Big Game is almost here! February 4th, I'll be flying home from a business trip, but my family will be watching it -- and snacking on some yummy treats! We were recently sent a big box of fun items from G.H. Cretors so that we could show you how easy it is to set up a stadium snack display for family and guests to enjoy.

We set up our snack stadium, and we were sure to fill it with lots of the new G.H. Cretors flavors: Buffalo & Ranch Mix and Cheese Lovers Mix. Of course, any snack session wouldn't be complete without their go-to variety: The Mix (which is a perfect pairing of their classic cheese and caramel corn. Who can pass it up?)

We made sure to cut up lots of veggies, such as celery, mini cukes, and baby carrots, as well as toss in some mini colorful peppers. They go well with ranch dip or salsa.

Here's a tip: Disgusted by the idea of "double dipping" at your Big Game party? Provide dipping sauces in glass mason jars, but only put out a small amount at a time in silicone baking cups. As the dip starts to disappear, switch out with new cups and reduce the chances of double-dipping ruining your party. We do this with red and green salsa, ranch, marinara, and more!

My husband thought it would be fun to show stadium people in the form of cheese sticks and stuffed peppers. He arranged them on a wooden skewer to make it easy to display -- and eat!

We had rave reviews from the kids on this party display. They can never get enough of the G.H. Cretors popcorn, since it's full of flavor and made with high-quality, real ingredients (like the premium aged cheddar cheese made at the Eagle Foods facility just north of Chicago in Waukegan, Illinois.) As a farm kid, I know how to appreciate fine foods that come from love!

But the big question is this: Who will win Sunday's game? My kids thought it would be fun to pair the cheddar against the caramel, and each had ideas on who would take the trophy!

Who are you picking this weekend? How will you enjoy time with your family through fun snacking experiences? Be sure to pick up G.H. Cretors in advance of the game for a more flavorful, exciting snack. Find their products where snacks are sold, such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon!

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