Woody Woodpecker Movie Review, Interview, Giveaway and More!

I remember adoring the rambunctious, goofy, and clever Woody Woodpecker growing up. Now, my kids have the chance to meet one of the wackiest animated characters of my youth with the newest movie from Universal 1440 Entertainment: Woody Woodpecker! The film, now out on DVD, Digital and On Demand, blends live action and CGI animation in a masterful way!

This hilarious romp, starring one of my favorite actors Timothy Omundson, is the perfect family film for members of all ages. My husband and I really thought the movie stayed true to the spirit of the bird, but it also emphasized a life lesson that won't be lost on the kids.

Also staring the talented Thaila Ayala, Graham Verchere, and Eric Bauza, the movie follows a father who tries to build on land where the rare woodpecker Woody lives. Trouble ensues as the father enlists the help of trappers to take Woody away -- but not before the bird wins the heart of the son. As this family learns to reconnect, it's obvious that Woody is the key to starting over and enjoying life. But will the lesson come before Woody's life is in danger?

We had the chance to interview Director Alex Zamm who has a reputation for bringing family stories to life. He shared some pretty interesting facts about the film, including:

  • In order to make the relationship between father and son seem natural, the actors spent time together offset to create a teamwork feel.
  • Much time was devoted to teaching the kids the musical abilities needed for their in-film music performance. The singing and playing are real!

  • Alex worked hard to try to honor the memory of Woody, while also keeping it fresh for today's fan. The design of the bird tried to stay true to both the earlier version of Woody and the more "adorable" animation shown in the later years of the cartoon.
  • What should families get out of the movie? Hopefully, that balance is key to everything. Keeping family in the middle of your priorities can only lead to a better life. (We agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly.)

As you can see, there was a lot of love put into this movie. The cast and crew took care to keep it light, but also with some meaningful lessons that will carry on long after you're done watching!

Wanna Win? We are giving one lucky winner their own Woody Woodpecker prize pack, including the movie on DVD and the movie soundtrack!

Tracks include:
  • The Woody Woodpecker Song – Alex Geringas
  • Surfin’ Bird – Randy Crenshaw & The Kids
  • Everybody Thinks I’m Crazy – Eric Bauza feat. Tha Vill
  • What I Like About You – The Kids
  • Troublemaker – Blaze n Vill
  • What a Day – KNOTS  
  • And various instrumentals by Chris Hajian
To be entered to win, simply use the form below by February 12th at 11:59 pm EST. Open to U.S. residents only.

*Prizing and review copies provided by Universal 1440 Entertainment. Opinions are our own.

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