BIZ 101: For Extra Tricky Laundry Issues

This post is sponsored by BIZ. Opinions are my own.

We have had our share of laundry drama over the years. When our newer front-loading washer (with the extra "sanitize" setting) quit working, I was forced to drag an older, top-loading washer from my garage. It gets the job done, but it seemed to leave some of the worst laundry offenders coming back again and again.

Sweaty t-shirts, musty towels, and things like gross kitchen washcloths never quite smelled "fresh" and I was a bit disappointed with how hard it was to get grease from my husband's work clothes. When we were asked to join BIZ in a year-long campaign to rediscover this old favorite of mine, I was in!

Here's a quick video showing you how BIZ works. If the video seems short, that's because BIZ is perhaps the simplest addition to your laundry routine.

And it works! Nasty towels just smell awesome again. Dish sponges no longer have lingering "onion" odor.. You get the idea. Through a proprietary combo of enzymes, whitening agents, peroxides, and detergents, stuff that's been lurking in your clothes for wash after wash can finally be set free with BIZ. It's also safe for colors!

Have you ever used BIZ? It's quite a simply way to boost your laundry powers. When used in combination with your favorite laundry detergent, it's almost unstoppable!

Learn more about BIZ Stainfighter here.

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