From Shop to Table, Innit Food Planning App for Families Like Ours

I have had some really neat things happen with my writing career this year. In addition to getting an agent for my nonfiction book, I've been active with the ASJA in a volunteer role, and I've even launched a writing course!

All of this means that I have to give up time spent elsewhere. One place I didn't want to suffer, however, was with family meals. Since I'm the primary cook for our family of 8 and expected to provide 2 of the 3 meals we have together each day, I needed a little extra help in the kitchen.

Let me tell you about Innit...

This eating technology company has released a new app that's perfect for every cooks -- like me. It takes all the steps you do in getting food on the table (from planning to shopping to prep to serving) and provides the support needed to do it fuss-free.

Start by downloading the app, then filling out your profile. It wants to know things like your dietary preferences, your allergies, likes and dislikes—then, it suggests personalized meals for your entire family. So, it gives you an entire meal rather than just a one recipe. It auto-creates grocery lists to make shopping super easy, and when you're ready to cook, it's got you covered with easy, how-to videos. It even sequences all the instructions to make sure all parts of your meal are done at once!

I was surprised with just how convenient Innit made everything—I was really able to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes with no issues! I was even able to adapt meals to make use of my favorite tools in the kitchen -- such as my pressure cooker!

Here are the top reasons to try Innit:

Personalized Meals for Your Goals

Innit recommends healthy and personalized meals based on your food preferences. Going paleo? Innit has got you covered. Vegan? Delicious recipes await. Love the sound of a Steak and Kale salad but avoiding red meat? Swap out the steak for Salmon and the meal instructions and how-to videos will update seamlessly.

Healthy Meal Planning Done for You!

Meal planning is one of the best ways to eat healthy and avoid succumbing to cravings, but it takes time! Innit can do the planning for you, offering you personalized shopping lists, instructions, and step-by-step guides that save you precious time and energy and keep you on track with your goals.

Home cooks can download the IOS and Android app for free at, which features meal planning, cooking instructions, and smart shopping lists for healthy meals such as Broccoli Quinoa Bowl, Sesame Nori Mushroom Bowl, and Steak Kale Salad.

How do you cook every day? How would help in the kitchen like this make your life easier?