Review of E-Blox Circuit Builder™ Sets

Our kids adore the science lessons best at our house, especially if they involve electricity! And while many activities you can put together yourself are relatively safe, it's still quite an ordeal to gather supplies and devise a lesson plan. Today's kids have it so good with products like E-Blox Circuit Builder™ sets, which combine the safety of brick building toys with the fun and learning of electrical sciences!

As you can see, the 115 kit we received to review resembles some other circuit toy kits on the market. Where I think this is better, however, is that everything is easy to identify and place correctly so that you don't risk short-circuiting. (The book is very comprehensive and written well. It describes short-circuiting rather well, so kids both know what it is, as well as how to avoid it.)

There are so many activities that can be done with this kit. The book includes over 100 ideas for learning and fun. And the best part of this kit is that it's designed to work in conjunction with existing toy brick building sets your kids have.

Here's how my little ones customized the very first experiment, which was a simple "turn on the light" activity. As you can see, many of the components of the kit act as a base for your brick sets, allowing you to incorporate accessories and miniature figures into the build.

My kids have been able to spend days focusing on the possibilities of this kit. It's truly open-ended play, but with the clear design of the pieces, the adequately marked positive/negative ends, and labeling of each piece, it's a less frustrating way for them to also get basic electrical principals.

You can find this set, along with several other products by E-Blox, at their website! You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

*Sample received to review. Opinions are my own. 

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