Beauty Hack: Easy, Beautiful Cuticle Care with JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil

This post is sponsored by JOHNSON'S®. Opinions are my own.

My hands are my business.

I'm a full-time writer, who also tackles some pretty tough jobs on the farm. As a result, my cuticles and nails get to be pretty ugly by this time of year. In fact, if not handled promptly, I'm prone to terribly painful hangnails!

Recently, I've been reading a lot about at-home cuticle care, and something that seems to help is a combination of shea and cocoa butter. In fact, I remember one of the first beauty purchases I made as a grown-up was a rather overpriced "nail repair kit" from the shopping mall. It was a little bottle of oil with some random ingredients and cost way more than I could afford. Fast-forward to my older, wiser years, and I've found the perfectly affordable (and effective) beauty hack that works just as well as those overpriced gimmicks sold in the mall: JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil with Shea & Cocoa Butter!

Yes! This product, which can be found at your local Walmart in either the baby section of the health and beauty aisle or the baby gear aisle (sometimes, both), is an affordable fix for cuticles that costs less than $5. Here's how I've been using it to get the hang of handling terrible hangnails.

First, I make sure my nails and cuticles are clean and dry. Then, I use a cotton swab with a small amount of JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil -- you don't need very much!

Rubbing it along the entire nail, paying close attention to the cuticle, area takes seconds, but the effects are immediate.

Allow the product to soak in for a few minutes, then wipe away excess with a dry washcloth.
Nails are shiny and beautiful right away, and with daily use (after showering is ideal), your cuticles will start to look healthy again. Bye-bye, painful hangnails! I also adore the scent of this product!

Do you have a fun hack for how to use JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil?  As a perfect way to battle dry skin and also remove residue from waxing, this product is a beauty hack must-have.

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