5 Summer Camp Laundry Woes Solved

This summer camp laundry guide is sponsored by BIZ. Opinions are my own. 

Summer camp season is here! All of my boys (except for the youngest) are headed to various camps, and it's a big chore to get them ready to go. Nothing is more taxing, however, than when they come back. They return with tanned faces, happy hearts, and bags and bags of dirty laundry.

Thankfully, we've been adding Biz to our "dirty boy" laundry routine. It's been such a blessing, as it takes no extra steps beyond just adding it to our existing detergent choice. It does an amazing job of taking out dirt, grime, odor, and whatever else they have brought back from camp. I even love that it makes their swim shorts smell like clothing again (instead of a bleach bottle!)

Here are some laundry and packing tips I've gleaned over the years to make the summer camp laundry routine a bit more bearable. See if any work well for you, too!

1. Simplify outfits. 

Kids are going to be dressing themselves at camp, so make it easy for them (and your laundry routine) with a simple set of shorts or pants that can be worn "mix and match" style with any of their t-shirts. We have some boys who only wear jeans and others who only wear athletic shorts. Whatever. Just make sure they have enough pairs for each day of the week and and that any of the tees can be worn with any of the pants. Take styling out of the things kids have to worry about at camp.

2. Go with "easy" towels. 

Kids towels look like trash when they get back from camp. I don't know why. Pack a color that's easy to clean when they return, whether it be an off-white or dark color that won't show stains and wear and tear. And don't be surprised if your kid comes back with one less towel (or even one more towel) than what they left with. These things happen.

3. Don't forget shower shoes. 

Showers are gross, you guys. Send them with some cheap sandals (think 99 cent Walmart or Target) instead of fancy water shoes. These are easy to replace each season and your heart won't break if they lose them. Already invested in expensive water shoes? They are easy to toss in the wash with towels and swim trunks. Just add some Biz to get the foot stink out!

4. Separate the sloppies.

Unless you want their teen Bible and toothbrush intermingling with dirty underwear and wet towels, provide some plastic bags for them to stuff their soiled stuff. Kids are prone to just tossing everything together at camp, but even more so if there's no way to keep things apart. Trust me on this.

5. Wash ASAP

When kids come back from camp, the last thing you might want to do is the laundry, but this is something you don't want to delay. Some of those clothes will have been sitting for up to a week, and with camps being hot, dirty places, the clothes will be ready for a good washing. And while we've never had issues with lice or bedbugs (our camp is awesome that way), you just don't want to risk it. Check clothes to be sure that they pass the bug test, then put into the hottest wash you can for the clothing type. Add that Biz, and you're good to go!

Since my oldest kids are camp leaders this year, we often have less than 24 hours between when they come home and then leave for the next camp. This gives us precious little time together and I don't want to be spending it doing the wash. To make it super simple, I make sure to have the best laundry booster on the market -- BIZ. It's a great value and does all the hard work for me!

Learn more about BIZ at their website.

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